Okinawa Tourism Information:OceanExpoParkWhereYouCanEnjoyHistory,CultureandNature(OceanicCultureMuseum,TropicalDreamCenter)

Ocean Expo Park Where You Can Enjoy History, Culture and Nature (Oceanic Culture Museum, Tropical Dream Center)

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The Oceanic Culture Museum in “Area of History and Culture,” which had its grand opening in October, 2013, introduces to you the history and culture of maritime people as well as displays about 750 exhibit materials by themes of sail, food, music and so on.  In addition, an epic story of people having emigrated to islands in Oceania is shown in a large-sized screen and on a floor map, whose dynamic images are compelling and believable. 

The “Planetarium Hall” offers you a dome screen showing a beautiful starry sky filled with up to 140 million stars.
It is recommended to appreciate “The best starry heavens in the world” while sitting back in a reclining seat.  As they show the starlit sky in Okinawa according to seasons, and Okinawan folktales related to stars, you can enjoy the show no matter how many times you visit here.

The “Tropical Dream Center” delights your eyes with tropical and subtropical flowering plants full of blooms.  The greenhouses bring you an extraordinary, different world with blooming tropical and subtropical flowers, including orchids.   

After fully savoring a variety of flowers, would you like to take a break at the tropical fruit café “Squall”?
Among all the café menu items, the highly-recommended one is “Getto (shell ginger lily) Jelly,” which was created by the Ocean Expo Park staff.
Getto is called “sannin” in Okinawa, and contains about 34 times the polyphenol as red wine.  Please enjoy the flavor of getto with some hot jasmine tea.

The “Area of Ocean” includes the “Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium,” “Okichan Theater,” which offer dolphin shows, the “Manatee Pool,” the “Sea Turtle Pool,” etc.
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Official Website:

Ocean Expo Park
424, Ishikawa, Motobu Town, Kunigami County, Okinawa 905-0206

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