Okinawa Tourism Information:InBusinessfor43Years!TheOriginatorofYushiDofuSoba“TakaesuSoba”

In Business for 43 Years! The Originator of Yushi Dofu Soba “Takaesu Soba”

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I love Okinawa soba and the shop I am going to introduce this time is Takaesu Soba in Urasoe City, which is a popular store that has been in business for 43 years.  

Everyone in Okinawa has heard the name Takaesu Soba at least one. This soba shop had the ability to become popular by word of mouth. On the wall of the shop there are autographs of famous people lined up. For the sake of the local and regular customers, reporting or cameras are not allowed, but since I am from Iso in Urasoe, where the shop is and have been coming since I was a child and I received a special okay.

For the opening it is filled to capacity. During the day it always filled with local regular customers and tourists. Actually, Takaesu Soba is the originator of “yushi dofu soba”. Yushi dofu is one of local dishes of Okinawa where nigari (magnesium chloride) is added to soy milk and is the tofu in its soft fluffy form, as opposite to being put in a mold and hardened. By yushi dofu and Okinawa soba, both of which are delicious individually, Takaesu Soba made the “Original Yushi Dofu Soba” which I would like to introduce.

The cloudy white soup made from broth from pig bones and the flat curly noodles are special qualities of Takaesu Soba. When most people hear pig bones they have an image of it being heavy but if you take notice the unexpected light soup, it so good that you will drink it dry.

For the topping, it is slow simmer cartilage soki (Okinawa simmer pork spare ribs). Recently, you can’t really find but the staple topping for Okinawa soba is fried egg and knotted kombu.

These two have been in my image of Okinawa soba since long about, and the disappearing culture is still here, some made the gold cold of the egg shine brightly.

Then there was the hot and fluffy yushi dofu. When you put it into the soup you can feel the thickness of the soup and the savory taste and smell of the yushi dofu.

The matching of the yushi dofu and the Okinawa gives a superb mild flavor. The delicious of both has been skillfully put into one bowl.  

Even more surprising than the taste is the price. Even these ingredients and amount the large portion of yushi dofu soba is a surprising 700 yen!

I have to tip my hat to Takaesu Soba for coming up with a combination that no one could imagine at a reasonable price and widen the possibilities of Okinawa soba. Along with the soba, you there is the "jushi",

Okinawa tempura with a characteristically thick batter from the side menu.

If asked to recommend an Okinawa soba shop, it is a famous shop you can introduce with hesitation.

Takaesu Soba
3-36-1, Iso, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa
Closed: Sunday
Parking Available

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken


3-36-1, Iso, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa