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“Busena Marine Park” You Can Meet Colorful Tropical Fish

post : 2014.07.26 23:00

The pier stretches out into the far away horizon.  The underwater observatory tower is located at the end of the pier.  The emerald green water viewed from the pier is just worth watching by itself.

Walking down on a spiral staircase, you can reach an observatory floor 5 m deep down the sea.  Looking through the round observation windows, you can view transparent water with beautiful live coral reefs at the sea bottom as well as brilliantly-colored subtropical fish swimming comfortably in front of you. 

As the underwater observatory floor has 24 windows that offer you the 360 panorama view of ocean, it would be lots of fun to find your favorite fish to follow!

Another way to enjoy Busena Marine Park is an underwater cruise by whale-shaped, glass-bottom boat.  The whole bottom of the boat is glassed in, and you can observe multicolored fish swimming in comfort in crystal-clear water of Okinawa.

You can contact them about the availability of glass-bottom tour, transparency level of water, etc. on your visiting day.

Busena Marine Park

1744-1, Aza-Kise, Nago City, Okinawa 905-0026 
TEL:0980-52-3379 FAX:0980-53-0675

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