Okinawa Tourism Information:EasyAccess,HeartyDishes,GoodHardwareEnvironment!InnWhichHasBeenLovedbyRepeatGuests“MinshukuKumejima(Annex)”

Easy Access, Hearty Dishes, Good Hardware Environment! Inn Which Has Been Loved by Repeat Guests “Minshuku Kumejima (Annex)”

post : 2014.07.31 12:00

You can get to Kume Island either by plane or ferry.
Viewing Kerama Island on the left, quite a few people go to Kume Island by a 2-hour ferry ride.
For those ferry travelers, I would highly recommend an accommodation “Minshuku Kumejima (Annex),” which is easily found from the port because of its brilliant white and saxe blue appearance.  An easy 3-minute walk from Kanegusuku Port attracts tourists.

By the way the sightseeing areas of Kume Island are largely divided into two: the western side and the eastern one.
Minshuku Kumejima (Annex) is conveniently located in the downtown of Nakadomari on the western side, which is dotted with some souvenir shops, stores, diners, etc.
In addition, it is a short distance of 4.9 km from the airport (about 12 minutes by car), so plane travelers also prefer to choose this minshuku.
(For your information, it takes about 30 minutes from the airport by car (about 12 km) to get to EEF area on the eastern side.)

The owner, Mr. Masaya Kuniyoshi became independent from the nearby “Minshuku Kumejima (Main Building)” to open its annex in 1999.  He is a homely person and politely gives you information on sightseeing spots and every kind of tours on the island.   

Of special note is Mr. Kuniyoshi, the owner chef’s handmade breakfast and dinner using plenty of local ingredients, whose quality and volume are entirely satisfactory.
Every meal always includes lots of freshly-caught fish in home waters.
The dinner for that night included sumptuous sashimi of a fine selection of fish like kihada (yellow fin tuna), sawara (Japanese spanish mackerel), belly of tuna of home waters of Kume Island, which is Japan's largest catch of tuna, with a high fat content, etc. 

The main dish placed in the center was steak of Kumejima local special chicken breeds with home-grown, organic tomato sauce.  Kumejima local special chicken breeds are red roosters, each of which has an area of 10 ㎡ to grow without stress at “Kumejima Local Roosters Farm”  They are renowned for the quality of soft, springy meat and low fat because of plenty of exercise and vegetarian feed the rooster are given.
And the rich, flavorful tomato sauce perfectly complements a savory flavor of the chicken meat itself.
The breakfast was also served with pickles, mozuku (Okinawan sea weed), shimarakkyo (Okinawan shallot) tempura, stewed entrails of yellow fin tuna, goya (bitter melon) champuru (stir-fried dish), shibui (white gourd) soup, etc.
Always you can enjoy hearty dinner with 8 items.
Ingredients for meals served at the minshuku are basically all locally produced on Kume Island, which grabs tourists” attention.
Many guests enjoy fishing here.  You can bring freshly-caught fish for dinner, but you will have to pay for additional cooking fee.

Of course, breakfast has mainly freshly-caught fish.  For my visiting day, the breakfast included grilled mackerel with salt marinated rice koji, papaya champru (stir-fried dish), aemono (dressd dish), natto (fermented soy bean), nori (dried seaweed), homegrown tomato & onion salad, tamagoyaki (pan fried rolled egg or rolled omelet), deep-fried dish, and aasa (Okinawan seaweed) miso soup, which is good for a hangover.  When you have enough in the morning, you are fully charged for energy for one day!

The total number of guestroom is 20, 16 rooms on the south side of which have ocean view.  Beyond the park in front of the minshuku is beautiful East China Sea. 

And another good thing about the minshuku is a comfortable facility.  It is complete with Wi-Fi, and every room has many outlets, which meet the needs of business men or women and divers who needs to use camera equipments. 

An on top of that, as they receive many long-term guests, each guest room is furnished with an ample selection of amenities including air-conditioning, television, refrigerator, washing machine, all of which is free to use.  It never makes you feel comfortless. 

With good access, sumptuous meals using lots of local ingredient, and excellent hardware environment, Minshuku Kumejima (annex) provides superior performance at a lower cost.
No wonder that about 80 % of the guests are repeat customers. 

Minshuku Kumejima (annex)

Address: 530, Aza-Ota, Kumejima Town
TEL: 098-985-5333
Closed on the year-end & New-Year holidays
Check-in after 14:00 and Check-Out till 10:00
Accommodation Fee: 6,000 yen (tax included) ~ per adult, per night with 2 meals
* Fee for a child, please ask the owner.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa