Okinawa Tourism Information:“CYPRESSCAFÉ”DishesUsingKumeIslandIngredientsMakesYourMouthWatery!

“CYPRESS CAFÉ” Dishes Using Kume Island Ingredients Makes Your Mouth Watery!

post : 2014.08.05 18:00

 “CYPRESS CAFÉ” in “CYPRESS RESORT KUMEJIMA” had its grand reopening on April 26, 2014.
The café is particular about using fresh local ingredients special to Kume Island.

Upon entering the hotel, you will be welcomed by a sense of openness unique to a resort hotel with wide space with high ceiling and large windows getting full of natural sunlight. 

I would like to introduce you three recommended light meal menu items, each of which using Kume Island ingredients.

“Berry Pancakes” (1,600 yen, tax included) is a popular dish with an established reputation.
Pancakes are topped with plenty of several kinds of fresh fruit of the island including blue berry, strawberry, raspberry, dragon fruit, kiwi, etc.
In addition, brown sugar syrup made in Kume Island is added to whipped cream, under which the main part of this dish, pancakes hidden by lots of fruit, are actually made using kneaded yushidoufu (unsolidified tofu) of Kume Island.  So you can enjoy all Kume Island products from the top to the bottom of the pancakes. 

Do you know that Okinawa produces nearly half of farmed kuruma prawns in Japan, with Kume Island as the largest producer and shipper?
Kume Island kuruma prawns have been noted for its high quality due to utilization of the mineral-rich deep sea water.  “Kumejima Kuruma Prawn Hot Dog Bun” (1,300 yen (tax included)), in which you can enjoy two deep-fried Kumejima kuruma prawns. Its plump texture is so delightful!
A little sweet white-meat fish mousse sandwiched in the hot dog bun perfectly go well with the prawns. 

And on top of that, is this a “phantom menu item”!?  “Kumejima Beef Hamburger Chapaty Sandwich” (1,400 yen (tax included)) is sold in a limited quantity.
One hundred and twenty gram of hamburger patty using 100% juicy, rich beef is sandwiched in a hot chapaty.
Please savor it with fresh, crispy vegetables grown on Kume Island.
The absolute number of cows for meat on Kume Island is still small and the logistics have not been developed yet.  So the executive chef visits to cattle farmers to purchase cows by the head.  Kumejima Beef is rare ingredient, so if you find it in the café, you are very lucky! (*When the café has no Kumejima Beef, they provide beef produced outside of the island.)

In addition, after fully enjoying swimming in the pool, it would be fantastic to have an afternoon tea at a leisurely pace.
“High Tea Set” (3,000 yen (tax included)) offers you one of three choices of tea leaves: “Sunset” for a light blend, “Assam” for milk tea, “Earl Grey” for enchanting deep aroma.
Seasonal fruit grown on Kume Island, petit fours, and sandwiches are prettily displayed, which creates a graceful afternoon time spent with your family or sweetheart.

The executive chef, Mr. Tetsuto Kajihara, who developed his skill at a French restaurant and a restaurant in a first-class hotel in Akasaka, Tokyo, was the owner chef at a bistro in Kamakura.
“I would like to use local food as much as possible.  There are still good island ingredients that have not been well used yet.  I will discover more and develop more menu items using new discoveries,” he said enthusiastically.

You can have a pleasant meal at the poolside terrace with a exotic ocean view. 

After meal, would you like to be at home with popular land turtle named “Densuke-kun” and rabbits, which cheerfully go around in the circle by the pool side.  That makes your relaxing time on Kume Island more than best!

Cypress Cafe

Address: 803-1, Ohara, Kumejima Town
TEL: 098-985-3700
Hours: 10:00~24:00 (Lunch: 11:00~16:00 (L.O.) / Dinner: 18:00~20:30(L.O.))
Open 365 Days A Year
Parking: Available
Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer   Kiwamu Ogawa