Okinawa Tourism Information:BornandraisedinOkinawa,100%Okinawan"YamashiroTea"Tea'ssoftaromaisspreading.

Born and raised in Okinawa, 100% Okinawan "Yamashiro Tea" Tea's soft aroma is spreading.

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Born and raised in Okinawa, 100% Okinawan "Yamashiro Tea"
Absolutely not bitter nor astringent, Yamashiro Tea soft aroma spreads in your mouth.
You can feel a light sweetness without even adding sugar.
Yamashiro Tea was formerly a green tea farm.

The third-generation owner Naoto Yamashiro made the audacious decision to turn a 80 years old green tea farm into a black tea farm.
You may wonder if that is really possible but actually green tea and black tea grow from the same tree.
To put it simply, black tea is fermented green tea, and according to level of fermentation it can also become oolong tea.
In order to offer the best tea Yamashiro Tea is doing research in various fields such as tea picking, processing and pruning methods among others.

Yamashiro Tea is strictly agrichemical-free, which is considered very difficult in the tea industry.
They are also committed to gently handpicking tea leaves one by one without using any machine.

Willing to help solving the employment issue and support job assistance as well as the local community, tealeaf picking is fully performed by locals.
“Without this land and the people that live here, our farm would not be” says Mr. Yamashiro.

“We want to make a tea that is 100% Okinawan and that can make people from this land proud”
Yamashiro Tea comes in a variety of blends. Through processing they produce different aromas and flavors.
I, the writer, personally went for an iced “NO. 918 Light Straight”.
How surprised was I to hear that this delicate sweetness was natural!
Absolutely not bitter nor astringent, this gentle and delicate taste should be easy to drink for the elder and children.
Under the sun of Okinawa grows the Yamashiro Tea.
It is also possible to experience tea picking and tea making there.
Please check the homepage for details.

Yamashiro Tea Farm Homepage

Okinawa CLIP photographer/writer Taiki Gushiken