Okinawa Tourism Information:“The15thYonashiroSeaArtFestival”TheBeachWillBeAGiantCreativeCanvas

“The 15th Yonashiro Sea Art Festival” The Beach Will Be A Giant Creative Canvas

post : 2014.08.19 18:00

“The 15th Yonashiro Sea Art Festival” was held in the Mid-Sea Road Park in Uruma City the other day.
Using every natural object like sand, shells, on the beach, participants can create their own art as they like in the circle of 3m x 3m on the beach.

They hold this event on a Sunday during the summer vacation every year so that both adults and children can join it.
They decide the event date on the spring tide when they could have a vast canvas on the beach.

It was incredibly sunny on the festival day!
They enjoyed the perfect summer day with Okinawan strong sunshine.
Totally 39 people, 21 adults and 18 children from all over Okinawa ,mainly from Nago participated the event.

First they did beach cleaning before sand art production.
While picking up waste, both of adults and children always realize they must not forget to clean around the water.

And finally they started drawing art of their own on the canvas on the beach.
Some teams collected a large amount of sand, and some teams collected many shells for decoration. 

As they enjoyed conversation with other teams, they produced their art in happy harmony.

Eventually, brilliant sea art works like this were completed one after another!

While their arts were being reviewed, they were entertained by the performance by the brass band from Yonashiro Elemantary School and the show by the local volunteer dance teams.


Every team won the award for their works respectively and were presented a specialty product from Uruma City or handmade goods by the local artists as an extra prize.

Surprisingly enough, a team from Yakena sent the photo of their work to a local musician named HY to directly ask them to review their art.  They won a HY prize!

However the sand beach art has a short life.
Soon the tide became high and the arts were washed away with waves.
Gradually their arts disappeared.
Such a transitory briefness is also one of charms of the sea art.

Please join the festival with your friends or children for an enjoyable memory from summer vacation next year!

The 15th Yonashiro Sea Art Festival
Date: Sunday, July 27
Schedule/ 11:00 Opening Ceremony to 17:00 Closing (Reception: 10:30~)
Participation Fee: \500 for adults, ¥100 for children

Sea Art Executive Committee
TEL: 090-9780-6294(Person in Charge: Nakamura)

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