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Beautiful Cape Popular Among Divers

post : 2014.08.22 21:00

Cape Maeda is situated in Onna Village, Okinawa.
A very blue sky and emerald green water beneath the protruded limestone sheer cliff!
With a refreshing breeze blowing through this cape, you feel comfortable here.

The high transparent water with beautiful coral reefs is home to abundant undersea life including tropical fish.
For that reason, Cape Maeda is a popular spot for divers!
Look around, and you will find a bunch of divers there.♪♪

Cape Manza is also well-known for “the Blue Cave,” a very popular sightseeing spot in Okinawa!!
We often see people enjoying snorkeling and diving around the cape after reveling in the Blue Cave.

(The photo was provided by Island Club.)

Cape Maeda Management Office would like to ask you for cooperation.  When you try snorkeling, please never forget to wear a life jacket or a buoyancy float belt. 

You cannot “lightly” go to The Blue Cave and feeding points where a dozen of tropical fish can be found.  For example, feeding points are about 20m away from the shore.
If you get a cramp in your leg or get drowned by some trouble there, no one can rescue you.
You can enjoy the place individually but for people with no equipment and beginners, I would highly recommend that you join a tour.  It will be safe!!

Cape Maeda attracts so many divers, but please never forget that nature has “dangers.”
Placing top priority on your safety, please enjoy marine leisure activities around the dazzling Cape Maeda.♪

Marine shoes are a Must item as there are so craggy rocks underwater!
So many sea urchins live there, so don’t step on them.  It will really hurt!

Of course, it is worth visiting for just enjoying the splendid scenery!!
You can view the alluring sea on the western coast from the observatory.
It would be nice to spend time just sitting at a leisurely pace, being exposed to the ocean wind.♪

The whole surrounding is a natural park where you can find a beautiful lawned area for resting, well-developed walking trails so that you can enjoy strolling to find various plants.

Please visit Cape Maeda casually to appreciate this stunning vista!
Or enjoy marine leisure activities in earnest!
In either way, this fabulous place can satisfy you to the fullest♪

Cape Maeda

Address: 469-1, Maeda, Onna Village
TEL: 098-982-5339
Designated Management Company: Maeda Co.,Ltd.
Closed on New Year’s Day (The facilities might be closed during the typhoon.)
Hours: Please check the official website below. (It varies depends on the season.)
Parking: 180 Cars
Rest rooms, showers, coin-operated lockers, etc, are available.
Official Website for Cape Maeda:

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