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All The “Goodies” In Okinawa Gathered Here! Food Flea Seaside Market

post : 2014.09.01 12:00

Beer from Craft Beer Pub “Beer Rize,” char-grilled pizza from a popular restaurant in Naha, “Bakar/ Scarpetters,” doughnuts from “Shima Doughnut,” which are so popular that they are sold quickly in the shop in Nago, unfamiliar multinational cuisine, popsicle sticks made of fresh juice with no additives or no artificial coloring, etc…

“Okinawa FOOD FLEA” is a flea market where a variety of delicious foods are sold.
The event was held for the first time on August 23 and 24 for two days.  For the food-oriented flea market, popular shops boasting their special flavors gathered from throughout the prefecture.


The venue is perfectly located just in front of the sea.  It is in front of a newly-opened sightseeing facility called “Uminchu Wharf” in Mihama, Chatan Town.
Sitting in a chair parasol while enjoying the ocean breeze,
I appreciated the exquisite feeling with delicious drinks and flavors of popular shops

The stores for the market are very sophisticated not only in their products but also in appearance of their stores, not like usual festival stalls.
Many foreign customers were there because Camp Foster and Kadena Air Base are located near here, which makes you feel as if you were in the port in a foreign country.

Not only food shops but also special craft shops, can be found here.
A popular select shop in Naha “Garb Domingo,” a pottery shop “Kokyu,” and characteristic, quality shops for artist handmade candles, multinational basket bags, furniture by iron furniture craftworker, etc.

In the backside of the venue was a music live space.
Some people enjoyed shopping listening to the sounds that DJ played and some swung their bodies to the rhythm of the soothing music.

At the same time, “Uminch Wharf Summer Festival” was held in the facility of “Uminchu Wharf.”  After a tuna-cutting show, the maguro-don (tuna bowl) was sold for 100 yen per bowl.  Janken (Rock-paper-scissors) Tournament offered lobsters as a prize. For the two days, everybody must have gotten a sense of fullness.

The number of visitor to both the events amounted to about 10,000 for two days.
Products from popular shops were sold out quickly.

This event will be held regularly and be a new culture event offering from Chatan Town.

It will be held in November next time, so please be healthy, be hungry, and enjoy the tastes of popular shops from each part of Okinawa as much as possible!


Location: In front of Uminchu Wharf, Mihama, Chatan Town
Admission: Free

* OKINAWA FOOD FLEA will be held in November next time.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Sandy