Okinawa Tourism Information:TheSummerInOkinawaHasNotEndedYet!Let’sGoToAHotPartyAtGinowanTropicalBeach!

The Summer In Okinawa Has Not Ended Yet! Let’s Go To A Hot Party At Ginowan Tropical Beach!

post : 2014.09.28 12:00

For two days, On Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28, Tropi DE Music Party, “Tropa 2014 In Ginowan Tropical Beach” is held.

The location is Ginowan Tropical Beach.

On a spacious, beautiful beach, you can enjoy a broad range of music as well as comfort food of different countries.
Many artists who are widely active in and out of Okinawa will be on the stage!

On Saturday, September 27, the following artists will perform their music:

FUNK: Ganeko Fan Club
They are the funk LOVE unit formed in Ganeko, Ginowan City.  They are active in Okinawa mainly in live houses on Kokusai-dori Street! 

REGGAE: Glean Piece
They have been performing pop songs with a theme of “Yuru Reggae Pop (relaxing reggae pop),” which makes everybody happy!
It is worth seeing their live that both adults and children can enjoy.

Island Songs: Kazuya Gibo
He once appeared in an audition program and is now a professional sanshin (Okinawan three-stringed musical instrument) player who attracts rising attention.
He has been appearing in events like classic music stages and folk music shows quite often!

HAWAIAN: Jonny Ginowan & walewale
They are a ukulele unit including Jonny Ginowan who is from Ginowan City.
Their stage performance pleases from children to grownups is a must-see!

They are from a dance studio where they teach a Polynesian dance joyfully and correctly.
They have been appearing in events in and out of Okinawa many times!

On Sunday, September 28, the following artists will perform their music!

HULA DANCE: Leinani Group
They are a hula dance team which belongs to Okinawa Hawaii Association.
Enjoy their authentic performance they learned directly from native Hawaiian hula dancers!

AFRICAN: AfrikasiA
They are an African music group and are active in Okinawa.
Their live performance is dynamic mainly using percussion instruments like djembe, a drm in the south of Africa.

They are a music unit that is active in and out of Okinawa.
This time they will give a performance in collaboration with Atsuko Hiyajo, a female singer who is popular for her beautiful, transparent voice!

SAMBA: Miyagi Sisters & Okinawa Samba BBB
They are a samba unit of sisters who are Japan’s first participants in the Sao Paulo Carnival.
They are energetically active in exchange with Brazil and in contributing to communities!  On the event day, samba musicians from Brazil will also entertain you!


They are a KACHIMBA quartet consisting of 4 members from KACHIMBA 1551.
They have been well received for their wide variety of music performances, from Latin music to folk songs, arranged in their own style!

In addition to the above-mentioned artists, local artists’ performances, a limbo dance contest, and a tropical laser show at night are scheduled.

One of the highlights about the event is food from different countries!

There are foods from Turkey, Ghana, Switzerland, and more that you might have never tasted before.
You can enjoy their music while relaxing on the beach!
You can actively cheer for the artists!

This summer will end soon.
As a fantastic memory closing the summer season, why don’t you have a very good fun at the beach event?

Date: Saturday, September 27 and Sunday, September 28, 2014
 11:00 to 20:00
* If the weather is bad, the event will be postponed to Sunday, October

Location: Ginowan Tropical Beach
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