Okinawa Tourism Information:TheyeatthatinOkinawa!?'Hechima'(Loofah)

They eat that in Okinawa!? 'Hechima'(Loofah)

post : 2013.09.14 16:00

Hechima! It's food in Okinawa.
Don't think of using it as a scrub brush!
In the Okinawan dialect, Hechima is pronounced 'Na-be-ra-'
(the accent is Na-(→)be-(→)ra-(→))
It is delicious, good for health, and is one of the representative Okinawan vegetables.

In the summer, Hechima is in season. During this season in Okinawa, you can easily find it in supermarkets and at the vegetable market.

The most famous dish is the 'Na-be-ra- Misoni'
It is a simple dish made of peeled and roundly cut Hechima mixed with Okiwanan hard tofu (Shima Tofu), canned tuna or canned pork (spam, etc.), and is stewed in miso (fermented bean paste). But you can taste the sweetness of the Hechima, and it is really very delicious!

Containing lots of water, the Hechima is stewed in its own juice.
In the Okinawan dialect, it is called 'Na-be-ra-du-jiruni-'.
●Na-be-ra-=Hechima(Loofah) ●Du-jiru-=its own juice ●Ni-=Stew
Sounds a bit weird, doesn't it (giggle)

Hechima also contains many nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin K, and potassium.
Potassium helps to excrete salt from the body, preventing high blood pressure and also helps diuretic activity.

Delicious and healthy Hechima, the more you get to know it, the more you will like it.
So, Okinawa CLIP Writer Chinen, who loves Hechima so much, rounds this article up by recommending that you have 'Na-be-ra- Misoni' for your last supper!
(I was so excited when I was making the Na-be-ra- Misoni in this article♪)

Okinawa CLIP PhotoWritter   Chinen Reina(0173)