Okinawa Tourism Information:“ImugyaMarineGarden”TheMostCharacteristicSeasideParkinMiyakoIsland!

“Imugya Marine Garden” The Most Characteristic Seaside Park in Miyako Island!

post : 2014.10.04 18:00

“Imugya Marine Garden,” which the locals call “Ingya,” has its anything but ordinary characteristics among all the remarkable, popular beaches concentrated in Miyako Islands.

It is a seaside park built by making the most use of a nature formation in the southern part of Miyako Island.  The well-coordinated location with pond-like inland sea, bridges, and walking paths in lush green is somewhat reminiscent of Japanese garden, which gives an impressively unique sense of world.

The park covers the peninsula stretching out 400 to 500m from east to west along the southern coast and a part of inlet surrounded by the peninsula. 

Near the park are a small parking area, restrooms, and showers, which are all free to use.  A small dinner is available there.  The beach is small but always has gentle wave, so you feel easy to bring your children for gathering shellfish, crabs, etc. on the seashore.

The most fun activity is snorkeling.

The sea bottoms in the Imugya Marine Garden, which is about 15m at deepest point, are dotted with coral reefs and abundant marine life, so you can enjoy floating in the sea for hours!

The inland sea, which is so quiet that we could describe as a very natural swimming pool, is separated by the Ingya Bridge.  Even beyond the bridge, gentle reefs stretch out, so if the seastate is good, you can savor snorkeling in a leisurely fashion there, too.

However, please note that beyond the reef edges 100m ahead of the beach is the very dangerous open sea.  The waves are high near the reef edges, so please keep away from there.  Even when you are snorkeling in the inlet, please wear a life jacket.  Put safety before everything else!

The charms of the Imugya Marine Garden are not only marine leisure activities. 

Please climb to the observation deck about 30m tall, ahead of the walk path.  There is an objet of Miyako Cow as a landmark. The north side of the deck offers a great view of the inlet.

While the south side commands a breathtaking vista of richly-colored reefs, beyond which the East China Sea is connected to the vast Pacific Ocean.(*)

Both the east and west sides possess a grandstand view of the undulating southern seacoast of Miyako Island.  The amazing panoramic view will make you speechless!

(*) In Miyako Islands, the boundary between the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean is considered to be around the tip of Higashi Henna-zaki Cape in the easternmost part of Miyako Island while on the south of the Imugya Marine Garden is the East China Sea.

The Imugya Marine Garden provides us a natural swimming pool, which is called as “miniature landscape garden near the sea.”  And on top of that, the stunning vista from the higher ground will give you great satisfaction.

Men and women of all ages can enjoy the place for hours.  The Imugya Marine Garden is one of the most popular spots in Miyako Islands.  Why don’t you stop by there?

“Imugya Marine Garden”
Address: 605-2 Gusukube Tomori, Miyakojima City

Miyakojima Tourism Association
TEL: 0980-73-1881

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)