Okinawa Tourism Information:Establishedin1961!ATraditionalSobaNoodleShopRepresentingMiyakojima“MaruyoshiShokudo”

Established in 1961! A Traditional Soba Noodle Shop Representing Miyakojima “Maruyoshi Shokudo”

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Head north from“Imugya Marine Garden” in Miyakojima, an about 4 minute car ride will take you to “Maruyoshi Shokudo” along National Highway 390.  The diner was established in 1961, and is the longest-established one among all the shops of long standing in Miyakojima.

Their unique Miyako soba noodle, which has passed down the three generations of the owner’s family, has been improved in flavor for 50 years and fascinating fans of the Maruyoshi Shokudo.

The main characteristic about their Miyako soba is the original soup with the punchy flavor of garlic.

In addition to tonkotsu (pork bone) base, they add soup stock made from souki (pork spare rib), torigara (chicken soup), and bonito flakes, etc. to simmer thoroughly until it is rich.  Add grated garlic as a secret ingredient in the soup!

It is pleasant on the palate and richly melts on your tongue, which accentuates the soup’s own deep flavor.

And on top of that, aromatic flavor goes perfectly with koregusu (an all-around spice which is made from awamori that is spiked with copious amounts of fiery red peppers).

You can say that the soup is like a stamina drink which the more you drink, the more energy you get.

A big volume (270g) of medium-thick noodle is made in “Koja noodle factory,” which is also the long-established one in Miyakojima. The Miyakojima particular type of straight noodle is nice and smooth, and the firm texture and the soup go together superbly to bring you a sense of satiety.

The most popular noodle is “Souki Soba” (noodle topped with two specially-big souki) (700 yen).   

Souki made in Japan, which are simmered with vegetables carefully for 2 days are meltingly soft!

Umami (savory flavor) blended in the soup is well prepared for giving you a very rich flavor.  Sir-fried vegetables of shredded carrots, cabbages, onions, garlics creates such a good balance to the bowl dish that you don’t taste it too heavy.

And another fun is a simple, brown-sugar-flavored “iced candy”!

The iced candy comes with all the noodle menu items including “Souki Soba,””Tebichi (pig’s feet) Soba”(700 yen), “Sanmainiku (braised pork belly) Soba”(600 yen), and “Miyako Soba” (Large 500 yen, Small 370 yen*).

This is perfect to finish off with for freshening your mouth after meal.

*Please note that for an order of “Miyako Soba (Small),” an iced candy is given only to children.


Mrs. Fujiko Sunagawa, the first owner of the shop, is now retired and his son runs the shop.  She was working vigorously at the nearby field when I visited there.

“When I was aware of it, more than 50 years had already passed (laugh).  After swimming, please come and recharge yourself with our souki!”

The shop of about 99 m2 can seat 40 or so people inside, but during the season the shop is always crowded with local residents and tourists, so you may have to be prepared to wait in a line under eaves.   

Of course, the longer you wait for their soba, the more delicious it tastes, so please don’t worry! (LOL)

All the above-mentioned prices include tax.
Please note that they might change the prices in the near future.
I would recommend you check out the shop as soon as possible!

Maruyoshi Shokudo

Address: 975 Aza-Sunagawa, Gusukube Town, Miyakojima City
TEL: 0980-77-4211
Hours: 10:30 to 18:00(Summer10:30 to 20:00)
We are closed irregularly and take some holiday occasionally.
Parking: Available

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)