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Mozuku Soba That Use Mozuku Harvested on the Island

post : 2014.10.07 15:00

Located in Ojima in southern Okinawa, there is Kunnatu.  

They are a shop that makes Okinawa soba used fresh harvested mozuku (a type of seaweed).

There all types of mozuku, noodles with mozuku, raw mozuku and vinegared mozuku and more!

The mozuku harvested in Ojima have a thick body and have a bite to them. And the delicious fresh mozuku at Kunnatu is all you can eat!!! It is good all by itself, but when it is eaten with soba it is better. Mozuku is full of fucoidan, minerals and fiber which are good for health and beauty. 

From the terrace seats at Kunnatu, you can look at the sea. Look at the sea, and basting in the sea breeze while having food is the bee’s knees.The popular soki (pork rib) soba at the shop uses real soki. It isn’t overly fatty but the slowly simmered tender meat is addictive. 

Within the shop you can buy fresh and dried mozuku, mozuku noodles among other things that use mozuku harvested at Ojima as souvenirs.


I personally like “Mosuku Jelly”. The flavor of the shikwasa is refreshing and delicious. At the Fish-1 Grand Prix, it took 4th place in processed product made in Okinawa that uses marine goods. So why not take as a souvenir. 



Come to bask in the sea breeze and eat some good Okinawa soba and mozuku while becoming content will the blessing of the Okinawan sea. 


Mozuku Soba no Mise Kunnatu

460-2 Tamagusuku Shikenbaru, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa


Operating Hours: 11:00am-7:00pm

Operating Days: No fixed closings

Parking: Available/13 Spaces/Free


Okinawa Clip Photowriter Reina Chinen (0173)




460-2 Tamagusuku Shikenbaru, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa