Okinawa Tourism Information:TheMostFamousSnorkelingSpotinShimoji-jima!“NakanoshimaBeach”

The Most Famous Snorkeling Spot in Shimoji-jima! “Nakanoshima Beach”

post : 2014.10.06 18:00

“Nakanoshima Beach” located along the peripheral road on the southwestern coast of Shimoji-jima is also called “Kayaffa Beach.” Being well known as “natural aquarium,” where a shape and size of massive coral reefs and many colorful tropical fish can be found, the Nakanoshima Beach attracts a number of diving and snorkeling lovers.

From the beach spread with the fine pieces of coral, a line of rocks stretches out into the sea to form a bay.  Oddly-shaped rocks of various sizes accentuate the landscape to create a scenic beauty.

As the rock walls on both sides of the bay have caves, you can enjoy the little exploration while strolling there.

Around noon, diving boats often stop by here for taking a rest, but yet the beach is dominated by divers for beach entry.

The water is calm here, not affected by the open sea, which makes it a perfect place for even snorkeling beginners.  Water around the rocks at the center of the bay is 3m or less deep and water around the offshore point where boats come to anchor is 10m or so deep, which is appropriate for intermediate or advanced snorkelers. 

True to its reputation, many remarkable diving spots are dotted around Shimoji-jima.   The incredibly transparent quality of the water is just perfect for snorkeling and diving.

Around the giant rock at the center of the bay, corals grow in colonies and more than 100 species of fish swim about full of energy.

Anyway, please try underwater exploration in shallow water.  Clown fish families welcome you everywhere.

Please note that you need to be careful about the following aspects.

Firstly there are no shops, parking space, toilets, and showers since it is a natural beach.
(Usually visitors park their cars by the side of the road.  You can use and pay for the shower facility around “Toguchi no hama Beach,” an about 10 minute car ride from the Nakanoshima Beach.)  

There are few shades.  As the shade created by the left rocks are often occupied by diving shops, it is advisable to prepare sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, drinks, etc. for avoiding heat stroke. (Off course, you have to take your garbage with you.)

As there are not a few rugged rocks in the water, I would highly recommend that you wear marine shoes or snorkeling socks instead of sandals.  (It is absolutely impossible to go barefoot there.)

Needless to say, no lifeguards are at the beach, and islanders seldom visit the area, so please never forget to wear a life jacket for your safety when you go into the water.
If there is nobody else snorkeling there, you should not go into the water alone.

There are not a few things that you have to be careful about, but it is understandable to play in the intact nature.  Please take full responsibility for your actions and place safety before everything else.

And on top of that, please never forget to pay respects to nature and fully enjoy the most remarkable snorkeling spot in Shimoji-jima!

Nakanoshima Beach

Address: Sawada, Irabu, Miyakojima City

Miyakojima Tourism Association
TEL: 0980-73-1881

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)