Okinawa Tourism Information:YourFamilyWillBeVeryHappy!Let’sEnjoyBeautifulBeachHoppinginMiyako-jima!

Your Family Will Be Very Happy! Let’s Enjoy Beautiful Beach Hopping in Miyako-jima!

post : 2014.10.07 18:00

You can never fully savor the charms of waters around Miyako-jima, which has many of the world’s most beautiful beaches, until you swim there not just by seeing them!

Here, I would like to introduce three must-swim beaches, where you can just go in swimming suit, even with a small child.
I don’t have to remind you this place, but let’s start with a beach representing not only Miyako-jima but also Japan, “Yonaha-maehama Beach”!
I might not need to explain that the brightening beautiful beach ranks first in every kind of ranking.  The 7 km stretch of powdery white sand, long beach and the emerald-green hue of the crystal clear water give off a radiance of otherworldly beauty.
With Kurima-jima a few km ahead and Kurima Ohashi Bridge on the left, you will be overwhelmed by the dynamic landscape.
And on top of that, it is conveniently located, about 20 minute car ride from the airport.

Next we will check out “Sunayama Beach,” one of the major beaches in Miyako-jima and is as great as “Yonaha-maehama Beach.”  It is an about 15 minute car ride from the city center.

As the name suggests (`Sunayama` literally means `sand mountain.`) you climb up and down a small sand-covered hill, then suddenly the vista opens up before you with breathtaking beauty.  An arch naturally formed by raised coral reefs is a symbol of this location and so picturesque that many people enjoy taking a souvenir photo with the symbolic arch.  The about 70m small sand beach surrounded by the rock walls on both sides has its own serene hush, isolated from the hustle and bustle of the resort area, which makes me cleansed and relaxed.  Please enjoy a brief moment of oasis listening to the sound of the surf.

The third choice “Aragusuku Coast” is located on the eastern coast, about 40 minute car ride from the downtown.  It is a little far, but this is a must-visit place for those who enjoy snorkeling.  (Different from “Yoshino Coast” nearby,) the Aragusuku Coast sand beach has the sea with shoals, beyond which abundant coral reefs spread out, so beginning snorkelers as well as visitors with children will be fully satisfied.
Vibrant coral reefs and bountiful tropical fish are so fantastic that it is hard for both adults and children to realize how much time has passed.
The beach has some attractive idyllic feeling that has been loved by the locals and repeating tourists.

Miyako-jima has many fascinating beaches and coasts, but the three beaches I introduced today have free parking space, toilets, and showers for your convenience.
In addition, all of the three have marine activity shops, so you can rent beach parasols, kids’ swimming rings, snorkeling sets, etc..

Please note that most of the beaches in Miyako-jima have no lifeguards, and unfortunately in recent years, many water accidents have occurred.  Thus, please take full responsibility for your actions and pay extreme care when you go into the water.
It is essential that you carefully check sea state that is subject to forces such as the wind, wave action, and changes in tides

Even in the sea with shoals, you might suddenly find yourself deep in the water and in one of many dangerous offshore currents.
I would highly recommend that before going into water you collect as much information on the water area as possible from your accommodation staff or the local residents.
After entering water, if you feel some anxiety, please get out of the water quickly.
Most importantly, if there is nobody else swimming there, you should not go into the water.

Everybody in your family, please play it safe and fully savor the dazzlingly beautiful waters of Miyako-jima!


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Miyakojima Tourism Association
TEL: 0980-73-1881

Yonaha-maehama Beach
Address: 1199-1 Aza-yonaha, Shimoji, Miyakojima City

Sunayama Beach
Address: Nikawadori, Hirara, Miyakojima City  

Aragusuku Beach
Address: Aza-Aragusuku, Gusukube, Miyakojima City  

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)