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Okinawa Zenzai

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The white ice luxuriantly piled in a bowl, is it shaved ice?
No, it is Okinawan zenzai.

Normally zenzai is a warm dish of paste made from red beans and sugar that is simmered with mochi but Okinawan zenzai is different. Okinawa zenzai is a cold dish of shaved ice topped with red kidney beans and rice flour dumplings that were simmered in brown cane sugar. When eaten with ice it is perfectly sweetened.

Based on the shop, the arrangement of the menu varies.

Established 45 years ago. The long standing zenzai shop Sennichi’s strawberry milk red kidney beans. It is the orthodox style that has been eaten for a long time. This is of course “zenzai”.

Whole soy bean soy milk cream zenzai. It is an original zenzai made by Okinawa soba and tea house “Yagiya”. The thick soy milk and the red bean match perfectly. I recommend this.

And finally the zenzai from the art cafe/pottery shop that we introduced previous “Do-mu”. Bean sherbet gives a new crunchy sensation. It is a popular original zenzai that you can only eat at Do-mu.   
Each shop has its own flavor, and there local many local people who have there own favorite shop. Zenzai is that important an item to local people. It can’t help being a comfort sweet.

Which zenzai do you like?

Address: 1-7-14 Kume, Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0033
Operating Hours: 11:30am-8:00pm (summer)
11:30am-7:00pm (winter)
TEL: 098-868-5387
Closed Days: Monday (If holiday, Tuesday)

Okinawa Soba to Cha-dokoro Yagiya
Address:1172 Oton, Kochinda-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa
Operating Hours: 11:15am-4:00pm (Last Order 3:45pm)
TEL: 098-998-2774 
Closed: Tuesday (Operates on Holidays and during Golden Week)

Art Cafe/Toki no Omise “Do-mu”
Address: 3-16 Nishizakicho, Itoman-shi, Okinawa
Operating Hours: 11:30am-6:30pm (Last Order 6:00pm)
TEL: 098-995-1021

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken


1172 Oton, Kochinda-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 901-0502