Okinawa Tourism Information:Let’smakegoodmemorieswith“YoungMindsandHappySmile”!ATourtoMiyakoIslandsTakingSnapshots!

Let’s make good memories with “Young Minds and Happy Smile”! A Tour to Miyako Islands Taking Snapshots!

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Miyako Islands in top season (summer) bring so many visitors: some alone, some with friends, some in a circle group, some as a couple, and students who fully enjoy their summer vacation.

“We came here from far.  We would like to take memorable pictures at picturesque locations!”

Alright!  Those students who wish so can count on me!

Let me take you to islands connected by bridges and islands located within 30 minute ferry ride from Miyako Island to show you the best photo spots of each.
Taking memorable landscape pictures is a good idea, but this time why don’t you take snapshots of yourself and your friends?
Do you know the key to taking successful memorable photos?
All you need is “Young Minds and Happy Smile”!

Firstly, let’s go to a scenery spot of established reputation, located in the southeast of Miyako Island, “Higashi Henna-zaki Cape.”

From the cape, which is about 2-km long and 160m wide at most, you can view the scenic East China Sea on the left (north side) and the Pacific Ocean, where angry waves pound the coast.
The sheer cliff is about 20m high, so if you take a photo with an ocean background anywhere, it will come out as picturesque.
Of course, if you climb a 24.5m-high lighthouse at the tip of the cape, you will be impressed by a stunning panoramic vista of the ocean and you can make one of the best memorable photos!

The regular, popular photo spot on Ikema Island in the north of Miyako Island is “Ikema Ohashi Bridge.”
Crystal clear waters spread out east and west is amazingly beautiful as you see subtle change from blue to green color depending on the light.
For your snapshot, it is essential that you include the 1,425m long bridge as much as possible in the frame.
Either side of Miyako Island and Ikema Island has a place for taking pictures at the foot of the bridge, so why don’t you try to create pictures from different sceneries?

Do you know one of the best “power spots” in Okinawa, Ogami Island?
It is located about 15 minute ferry ride from Shimajiri Port on the eastern coast of the northern part of Miyako Island.  You can stay there around one hour and a half at shortest. 

Ogami Island is a small island 2.75km around, but you can look down on a flat Miyako Island 4km ahead from the 80m high lookout called “Thunbara.” You can make a dynamic photo.

You must not miss Irabu Island and Shimoji Island in the western part of Miyako Island, where fascinating photo spots are scattered about.
As of August, 2014, the islands are about 25 minutes car ferry ride, but they will be connected to Miyako Island by “Irabu Ohashi Bridge” in next January.  It is expected to inevitably bring more visitor than now.  Before it happens to such beautiful places with a rustic atmosphere typical of remote islands, I would like to introduce you must-visit spots respectively.

On Irabu Island, you can never miss “Sawada no hama beach” located in the northwest of the island.
Countless numbers of big tsunami rocks are scattered around the shoaling water, which brings this beach a special vista.
The beach was chosen as one of the 100 best beaches in Japan in 1996.
It is best to take pictures when tides has gone out and giant rocks can be clearly seen. (Unfortunately, the photo below was taken at high tide…(Sad) .)
The beach has been also known as beautiful sunset scenery spot, it would be interesting to stay overnight for a lovely photo.

In just several minutes by car from the Sawada no hama beach, you can get to the sea around “Shimoji Airport” on Shimoji Island, which is connected to Irabu Island by bridge.  It is too good to miss a distinctive jade green water spread out fantastically before you.  For your information, a famous “touch and go” are not conducted as often as before, but it is not completely stopped.  So if you are lucky, you might be able to capture a “miracle collaboration shot” of gorgeous waters and airplane coming toward you!?

Now, shall we finish with Kurima Island, which is closed to Miyakojima Airport?

Needless to say, the 1,690m long “Kurima Ohashi Bridge” is really overwhelming from any angle.  I would highly recommend that you clime the three-storied “Ryugu Observatory,” which stands on about 40m higher ground, for a dynamic panoramic view.
You can look over the whole area of the western coast of Miyako Island including the Kurima Ohashi Bridge, “Yonaha Maehama Beach,“ which is also called "The best white sand beach of the East" and the above-mentioned Ikema Ohashi Bridge.
You will definitely touched by the glorious, superb vista.

Of dramatic things, the sun going down over the western sea will close your journey dramatically.

Even if you travel alone, please do not be shy and try to use the self timer to take a selfie.

You take pictures of yourself swimming in the purely beautiful water, savoring delicious Miyako soba noodle, meeting local Ojii & Obaa (elderly gentlemen and ladies) and other tourists….
Pictures show every unforgettable memory of summer that only you can cherish.


More Information on Remote Islands of Okinawa, Please Click Here!
(Please note: This website is written in Japanese. So please ask your Japanese friend for help.)


Miyakojima Tourism Association
TEL: 0980-73-1881

Miyako-jima, Higashi Henna-zaki Cape
Address: Bora, Gusukube, Miyakojima City

Miyako-jima / Ikema-jima, Ikema Ohashi Bridge
Address: Aza-Ikema, Hirara, Miyakojima City  

Ogami-jima, Viewpoint
Address: Ogami, Hirara, Miyakojima City

Irabu-jima, Sawada no Hama Beach
Address: Sawada, Irabu, Miyakojima City

Shimoji Airport, Shimoji-jima
Address: 1727 Sawada, Irabi, Miyakojima City

Kurima-jima, Ryugu Observatory
Address: Aza-Kurima, Shimoji, Miyakojima City

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