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Superb View! Natural Beach in Ishigaki Island

post : 2014.10.14 12:00

When you drive from Kabira Bay in Ishigaki Island toward Resort Hotel Club Med Ishigaki Island, if you turn right according to the sign on the way, you will arrive at the hotel.  But if you turn left and keep going along the outermost peripheral road, you will reach the stunning vista of Kabira Ishizaki.

You can climb to a small hill, but the only way to get there is by a narrow path with no handrails.  Climb to the top of the hill with great caution, and a smashing ocean view will take your breath away there!

Down the hill, there is a path to the beach.  Walk through the adan (screw pine) trees, and the clear blue water that you have just seen on top of the hill will come into your view.

On the right of the beach, a big driftwood lies like a chair.
On the far left, a sea kayak is placed.
It is like a beach of secret hideout.

As few people come to the beach, the water is incredibly transparent.
It is very clear to see a school of small fish and a wide stretch of colorful coral reefs through the ocean surface.

I was wondering if fish here were more interested in human beings because some fish were approaching to the water’s edge.  I felt like as if I were in the paradise.

Having the dazzlingly beautiful water, the natural beach has no shower rooms, no toilets, and no lifeguards.  So please do not swim alone, but swim with your guide.

The pristine beach is a big charm here, but of course there are no such things as beach parasols.  So please just sit back in the shade of the adan trees to enjoy a relaxed time.

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Hiroshi Kuwamura (KUWA)