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Vacation at Club Med Ishigaki-jima Kabira!

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Club Med Ishigaki-jima Kabira is situated at a marvelous location on the Kabira Ishizaki Peninsula near Kabira Bay.

Club Med originated in France has about 80 resort facilities all over the world, including two facilities here Ishigaki Island and Hokkaido in Japan.

The main characteristic about Club Med is GOs (Gentle Organizers) gather from across the world.  Here in Club Med Ishigaki, GOs from 27 countries work.  
Once you step into the facility, you will be in a different world.
Ahead of the swimming pool seen from the entrance, delightful sea in Kabira spreads out.

As I walked around, a foreign GO spoke to me in English.  I was a little baffled, but the great smile of a friendly GO made me feel at ease.
You hear foreign languages everywhere in this facility and meet GOs from different countries.
You won’t be able to believe that you are in Ishigaki Island!
But also Japanese GOs work here and foreign GOs study Japanese, so you do not need to worry that you cannot speak English.

This bar is available even in the daytime.
You can order a drink and bring it to the pool side.

Club Med offers a special style called “premium all-inclusive,” in which mostly pickup service, meals, activities are included in a tour package price.  So you can fully enjoy the vacation very casually.

This is a popular guest room “Deluxe Garden View,” where you can go to the beach along the path in front of the terrace.
There are 4 types of guest rooms available and all the rooms command  stunning views of the ocean.

All the meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner are served in a buffet style.
You can savor cuisines from all countries as well as Okinawan cuisine.

One of the big highlights about Club Med is show performances by GOs.
They perform different shows every night, so even if you stay several days, you will not get bored.

You might want to experience many beach activities.
Sea kayak, windsurfing, SUP (Standup Paddle), etc…..these are absolutely what you would like to try on an amazing transparent sea of emerald waters.
As a GO attends you as an instructor, you can try it with no worries.

After fully enjoying at the beach, you can have a luxury time to relax under the parasol.
Sometimes they hold yoga classes.

They have ample facilities and services to take care of guests’ children like “Mini Club Med” and “Juniors’ Club Med” as well as a variety of fun programs only for kids.

Once children join a program, they make friends there and some children prefer spending time with friends there than with their families.

“The dress code for today is “casual dressy”,” said female GOs: MIHO, TIODOR, and LORI.

MIHO and LORI are Japanese GOs and TIODOR is from Indonesia.
They said in union, “It is fun to get to know guests from all over the world.”

For the next trip to Okinawa, why don’t you come to Club Med Ishigaki-jima Kabira to savor an exquisite sea of Ishigaki Island as well as enjoy an exotic atmosphere? 

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Club Med

Address: 1 Kabira Ishizaki, Ishigaki City
Inquiries: Club Med Vacances Dial 0088-21-7005
Official Website:

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Masumi Sasamoto