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Uminchu-don with Plenty of Fresh Seafood

post : 2014.10.18 16:00

There are delicious seafood bowls in Okinawa. The place is Toya Fishing Wharf in Yomitan Village. The uminchu bowl is full of fresh seafood and is very filling.

At the fishing wharf, there is “Uminchu Shokudo Iyu No Mise” which is run by the Yomitan Village Fisherman’s Association. In the Okinawa dialect, “uminchu” means fisherman and “iyu” means fish giving it a straightforward name (Fishermen Eatery Fish Shop).

In the morning on weekdays an auction takes place, and fish, like fusilier and Japanese pilchards, are shipped all over the prefecture.

When you enter the shop it is a direct sales shop, so there are a lot of fish for sale.  Moreover you can order dishes. You can wait at tables outside for the food to be  finished.

The most popular dish is the “Uminchu-don” which is tuna, squid, octopus, roe, shrimp and sea grapes over rice (1,000 yen). The asa soup also has a comforting taste.
(Asa soup is miso soup made with sea lettuce that is eaten in Okinawa)  

Other than the Uminchu bowl, there are a bunch of recommendation like the mozuku (a type of seaweed) bowl, the tuna bowl and tempura in squid ink. Having a meal while looking fishing boats is a fun way to enjoy the atmosphere of a fishing wharf. Please some seafood from Okinawa!

33 Toya, Yomitan-son
TEL: 098-956-1640
Operating Hours: 11:00am-4:00pm
Closed: New Year’s and Obon

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


33 Toya, Yomitan-son