Okinawa Tourism Information:Serial/MovingtoOkinawa③Ownerof"WOODVILLEHOUSE"ShinsakuKimura'sCase3/4

Serial/Moving to Okinawa ③ Owner of "WOODVILLE HOUSE" Shinsaku Kimura's Case 3/4

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Shinsaku Kimura, from Osaka, not only runs a shop called Woodville House on Route 58 in Ginowan City that deals in interior items and DIY supplies, but also has an interior decorating business.
It has been 14 years since Mr. Kimura moved to Okinawa, and we are bringing his story to you over 4 parts.
This time I ask about is about his future prospects.

Do you plan on living in Okinawa forever?

Kimura: I thought of leaving Okinawa thousands of time. Somehow I been living here 14 years (laughs).
Last year I got married, and I have also made my own shop.

I think you can feel the great charm of this land just through that but Mr. Kimura what do you like about Okinawa?

Kimura: The slow pace and the warmth.
The blue sky and sea.
I've done water sports like surfing and scuba diving so the sea is a huge attraction. Also there are a lot of people in Okinawa that have pure hearts.
Then one of my friends who I have known since primary school moved here 2 years ago. So that is major.


Well, Okinawa does have the comfort of living in the tropics. So conversely, is there anything that you haven't gotten used to?

Kimura: There is a lot like the sense of time (laughs).
No matter where you are whether it be Osaka or Okinawa there are good points and bad points.
So I can't really say anything.
Ah, since living here I hear I have become hairier...
I was smooth but after 14 years I have become like this.

(A Beautican Shop in Ginowan City. Kimura helped build the walls and the main space)

What!? That's the first I have heard of that..
It might be to protect from strong sunlight (laughs).
I will be on the look out..
You have tried alot, but it there anything you want to do after this?

Kimura: Actually, since I have made and owned my own business I have been thinking about having a client buy it.

Do you mean selling all the shop including the interior design business?

Kimura: Basically, yes but at the begininng I talked with a client while I moved forward. I felt like I wanted to make the interior design shop of my dreams. But my goal wasn't to run it. On other hand, aren't there a lot of people who want to have their own shop but can't do it because the risk is too great?
There are various problems like money and know how.

So at the beginning, I would invest and the client would work as store manager, after 1-2 years after the business had been established, the client would by me out. At that time there was confidence in the shop and so I was easily able to borrow more from clients and banks.
By doing that I was able to make the shop that I wanted and the intial risk for the person who becomes the owner has decreased significantly. So it is good for both parties.

That is interesting. I also want to try that! (laughs)

Kimura: Actually, I made a bar like that and it was really fun. I hear it is still has good business.

You really like making things! I heard that there were often workshops at Woodville House. What did you make?

Kimura: Small furniture, shelves and small things.
It was a short while ago but we did on the first of the month but recently we have been short handed but I am thinking of doing it again.

That sounds fun! It seems that there would be a lot of women who like antique looking furniture.
Could a totally beginner with no DIY expirience like me do it?

Kimura: There had been a lot of women participating recently.  Isn't it difficult to find a bookshelf or a something ready made that fits into a tight space? At that time it would be convienent to make you something that that suits you.  Additionally I think by making something yourself you grow attached to it and treasure it.
It isn't mass production or mass consumption, it is living taking something you have now and treasuring it.
Isn't that how it is going to become from now?

Kimura loves make things and doesn't forget the spirit of adventure. From everything from business to playing, he enjoys it while looking for something exciting, which left a boyish impression.
In the next and final installment, we will ask what to specifically do  to move to Okinawa.

Address: 1-10-6 Oyama, Ginowan City
Tel: 098-890-0304
Hours: 11AM – 8PM
Closed on: Tuesdays

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