Okinawa Tourism Information:AParadiseTourforLandingOn“IslandofPhantom”inYaeyamaAndBBQontheShip!

A Paradise Tour for Landing On “Island of Phantom” in Yaeyama And BBQ on the Ship!

post : 2014.10.19 12:00

In the Yaeyama Islands, there is an island called “Island of Phantom” near Taketomi Island and Kohama Island.
It is Hama Island which appears only at the low tide in the middle of emerald green waters,

Tours for landing on this island is one of popular activities in the Yaeyama Island.
LEGGODTwhich took me to Hama Island this time, offers you snorkeling, landing on Hama Island, and BBQ on the ship!

Leaving Ishiagaki Port, firstly you enjoy snorkeling near Taketomi Island.
You can enjoy colorful tropical fish swimming in an equally vibrant coral reef.
Snorkeling is a must activity to feel the waters of Okinawa.

When swimming with colorful fish that are less cautious, you might feel as if you were one of the fish. ☆
After fully enjoying the underwater world, you go to Hama Island.
Getting off the ship, you splash out into the water and walk toward the island.

Look at the sand bar in the middle of the ocean!
It is so mysterious that you might feel as if you were dreaming.
And enjoy BBQ on the ship which rides at anchor nearby.
Wow, a charcoal BBQ!
Meat and seasonal island vegetables you savor on the ship taste especially good.

You enjoy BBQ while looking over the beautiful sea with shoals.
Seeing some people drink alcohol, you feel like as if you were in a resort overseas.

As the water was dead calm on that day, I could view the best landscape.
Siting in the warm water like onsen, I was watching the sun going down to Iriomote Island.

When the landscapes around us were changing every second, I was deeply moved to see everything I saw with other customers.  

When we were returning to Ishigaki Island, it was pitch-dark.
We started home while enjoying a starry sky and Milky Way!
It was far more fun than I had expected and I felt excited so long after the tour!
It is guaranteed to be one of your best memories!!!

LEGGODT (Former Dragon Tours) 
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Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  Masumi Sasamoto