Okinawa Tourism Information:Soldonlyduringthesummer,ashavedicedelicacyfromthecafeNiwatori(MeaningchickeninJapanese)

Sold only during the summer, a shaved ice delicacy from the cafe Niwatori (Meaning chicken in Japanese)

post : 2013.09.19 16:00

At Urasoeshi Minatogawa, there is an area popular among young people, where there are fancy cafes and sundry goods shops, reconstructed from houses where American soldiers lived during the times when Okinawa was under the American government.

Around the corner, a popular speciality bread shop 'ippe coppe' will be opening 'Cafe Niwatori' in its garden.

At 'Cafe Niwatori', you can try out the 'Gochisou Kakigo-ri (shaved ice delicacy)' by sitting under the large acerola tree, only available during the summer.
 ※Scheduled until the end of October

The menu ingredients are mostly from Okinawa, ingredients which you can only eat here in Okinawa,

'Strawberry Milk' - Shaved Ice with strawberries from the Ginoza village
'Mango Milk' - Shaved Ice with chunks of mango harvested from Miyakojima and from the south of the main island Tomigusuku-shi
Shaved ice with flat lemon and dragon fruits from Kumejima and Itoman-shi
There is also 'Mulberry-leaf Green Tea Milk', shaved ice with Mulberry-leaf, grown at Urasoe-shi.

Each menu uses the fruits of the season in Okinawa,
and the owner Nishimura Minako can take up to
2 weeks to come up with a new reciepe and prepare the hand made syrup.

Ice is made from soft low mineral water added with marine deep-water,
of course no artificial coloring or essences are added,
and even the syrup and condensed milk are hand-made in order to bring out the taste of the ingredient

Shaved ice is something you would want to eat on a hot day! 
Each and every shaved ice will give you an Okinawa feeling with one mouth-full.
Do try it out before the end of summer!

【Speciality Bread Store - Bread made of Natural Yeast】
ippe coppe

2-16-1 Minatogawa Urasoe-shi Okinawa-ken
Open 12:30
Close 18:30(Close after being sold out)
Business days/Mon・Thu・Fri・Sat・Sun

Cafe Niwatori opens at 1:30p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays,
and at 1:00p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays.
Opened on sunny days.



2-16-1 Minatogawa Urasoe-shi Okinawa-ken