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Have Okinawa Soba in an Okinawan Folk House

post : 2014.10.20 16:00

In Itoman City in Okinawa there is a old folk house that was built in 1891 which houses the Okinawa soba shop “Cha-dokoro Makabe China”. Bullets from World War II are still in the pillars and stone walls but luckily it was not burned down and the shop and the land is recognized as a national tangible property.

The inner space has the charm of an Okinawan folk house. You can forget about the passing of time while having a comfortable time. Having Okinawa soba in there good beyond words.

The Okinawa soba at “Cha-dokoro Makabe” uses a bonito base and the soup is refreshing transparent. The gentle soup is both savory and hearty and you might drink it down in one gulp! The noodles are specially ordered from a noodle maker and have a chewy texture and a bit of a bite.

The thick slices of meat are from pork from within Okinawa and do not have a scent to them and they are simmered for a long time and the excess fat is carefully removed. They are extremely tender and the fatty parts are also delicious. The slices are so good that you’ll just want seconds of the meat.

The jushi (Okinawa rice mixed with various ingredients), that is crucial to Okinawa soba, normally uses Japanese mugwort as a hidden flavor but here they use herbs picked from their own garden. Seeing some plants that are specific to Okinawa being grown in the garden is part of fun. On days when the weather is fine you can eat and drink in the garden.   

Having a relaxing time in what feels like good, old Okinawa. It willbe  a delicious time.

Cha-dokoro Makabe China
233 Makabe, Itoman-shi, Okinawa 901-0300
Closed Day(s): Wednesdays, One Irregular Holiday per Month, New Year’s Holiday, Obon, Typhoon etc
Parking Available

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233 Makabe, Itoman-shi, Okinawa 901-0300