Okinawa Tourism Information:[BeausofOkinawaFileVol.3]MusclestoSaveLives!?OkinawaFirefightersCalendar

[Beaus of Okinawa File Vol.3] Muscles to Save Lives!? Okinawa Firefighters Calendar

post : 2014.10.20 16:00

Part of the proceeds from the Okinawa firefighter calendar is to help support the emergency helicopter nonprofit organization MESH in Okinawa.

This time I talked to Shiroma who the leader and is a model for the project!

Okinawa Firefighters Calendar 2014 has gone on sale. This is the 4th one, what should we look out for?
 “Every year has a theme, it is “Okinawa”. Using the beautiful scenery of Okinawa as a background and the body of firefighters, either one can be enjoyed. Also, throughout the year muscles have been developing little by little. So the you can see that the muscles are more ripped than they were last year.”
Really! Everyone has spectacular bodies. Can I touch your muscle?

 Oh! It is really firm. All you have amazing bodies, how do you get together each year?

“We call out to the firemen in Okinawa asking if anyone has a good body. (laughs) But there some people who nominate themselves. So we switch out each year. There is wide range in the age of the people doing it too. People in their 20s to people their 40s.”

Does it take effort to maintain those muscles?
“I work out 2 hours every day. Most people go to the gym and run about. For the calendar, almost everyone bodybuilds for over half a year to make sure their in peak condition for the day of the photo. And of course getting a lot of protein and paying attention to what you eat.”

It must be tough doing that as a firefighter. But does the working out help when you are saving lives?

 Of course it does. I’ve had to move a 200kg person before. I couldn’t handle that if I didn’t have any power.

 That even more wonderful! It is not just muscles for show; it is muscles to save lives. So what was the original motivation for making the calendar?

"In the northern Okinawa Island and the isolated islands there is an NPO called MESH that has citizen emergency helicopter. But a couple of years ago they were getting enough donations making it hard for them to operate, me being a firefighter, I thought if there was anyway I could help to save lives. A long time ago I saw an American firefighter calendar, and at one point I want to appear as a firefighter of the world but in the end there were problems getting there so it was a no go. So for the hell of it, I thought it would be fun to made a calendar with local firefighters from Okinawa, and the proceeds from that would go to MESH.”   

That is some amazing proactive behavior! And the part of the profits is going to support the activities of MESH.
 “Over the last 3 years, over 10 million yen has been donated to MESH.  And it would be nice if by doing this people all over the country would pay more attention to emergency helicopters. And maybe later on I think I would like the profits for this calendar to be used for various types of volunteering.”

I saw the calendar for this year and the line-up of men with their beautiful muscles is the best part. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Okinawa so it is like getting two for one.

After talking to him, I saw the bashful smile of the gentle, soothing Shiroma.
 You can actually have the chance to meet the firefighters that posed for the calendar on tomorrow the 20th.
So everyone come out to meet these warm hard bodies and spirits!
Date: 20 October 2013 (Sun) from 5:00pm
Place: Junkudo Naha
Inquires: 098-860-7175 (Junkudo Naha)

To buy the calendar
Size A2 Full Color 2000 yen 13 Sheets (Including front)

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