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[Okinawa Beaus Vol.1] The Charismatic Aesthetician of Shuri

post : 2013.09.26 15:00

"Someday I will bring the best techniques back with me to Okinawa, so I took a journey like the Japanese missions to Tang. Haha"

So said Takumi Tamaki, the owner of HAIR LOUNGE THREE BEE in Shuri.
After studying at the promenient beauty salon ACQUA in Aoyama, Tokyo at the age 20, he went to the US and worked in salons there.
After studying world class techniques, he started working on freelance on popular shows such as "Sex and the City."
After coming back to Japan, he went back to Tokyo, where he helped establish a salon.
Three years ago he returned to Okinawa to open the shop he had imagined.

With his refreshing and slender appearance it is hard to imagine he did all that.

Some of his upper classmen from beautican school in his hometown of Naha took care and supported him on his journey. Wanting to return the favor to his upperclassmen, he asked if there was something he could do to which they said "We only did it because we liked helping you, so it is your turn to pass it on to the next generation. "

With the thought of increasing the number of beautiful people in his hometown, he had his dream of opening his own salon.

The customer of his shop can a different experience at cafe/bar where they can discuss their hair.
The interior is green and brown, which gives it an old European feel.

"I want to offer you the best authentic techiniques the world has to offer."

If you come to Shuri come to HAIR LOUNGE THREE BEE, to meet this beau and experience his technique and zeal.

TEL  050-5851-0759
Address  2-29-7 B1 Shuri Samukawa-cho, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Operating Hours 11:00am~10:00pm(Tue~Sat) 10:00am~8:00pm (Sun)

If you mention Okinawa Clip, you will get a special services.
For those making a reservation for the normal menu and coming to to the shop for the first time you get a scalp massage for free!
It's a wonderful services, so don't miss this opportunity.


2-29-7 B1 Shurisamukawacho, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture