Okinawa Tourism Information:YouCanEnjoyGlassBottomBoat,Too!BeachWithBeautifulNaturalFormation

You Can Enjoy Glass Bottom Boat, Too! Beach With Beautiful Natural Formation

post : 2014.10.22 12:00

(The photo was provided by Miibaru Marine Center.)

Miibaru Beach situated in the southern part of Okinawa Main Island is a white sand beach that stretches out for about 1km.  The place makes you feel a freedom.

There is a series of big rocks on the natural beach, which creates a dynamic, interesting landscape.

Miibaru Beach is a shoaling beach with calm waves, so it is popular among families with small children as well.
Actually this beach is the first beach I have been to with my son after we moved to Okinawa.
I remember that my 3-year-old son who was still afraid of water enjoyed with gentle waves coming toward him.

At low tide, rocks completely appear on the beach, and you can walk far from the shore.
You can see big crabs hiding in a rocky area and small fish in the tidal pool.

Please do not forget to wear marine shoes for swimming as there are so craggy rocks underwater.
Since it is a natural beach and there are no designated areas for swimming, so please be careful of jellyfish.

(The photo was provided by Miibaru Marine Center.)

There are dozens of colorful, tropical fish even still near the shore, so the beach offers grass-bottom-boat excursion in which you can observe the underwater world.

(The photo was provided by Miibaru Marine Center.)

Looking through the glass bottom, you will be thrilled to find a fantastic world of the ocean to a depth of 30m!
You will meet vibrant tropical fish. 

In addition, they have a variety of marine activities including banana boat, jet ski as well as snorkeling and experience diving programs in which you can meet lovely tropical fish face to face.

You can also enjoy BBQ while feeling the ocean breeze. (Reservation is required.)

On the beach, there is a Nepalese cuisine restaurant called “Shokudo Karika,” which we introduced you on the Okinawa CLIP.

The long coast line which is stretched out along the narrow road, which has many paths that take you to the sea.  Every path will show you different flavors of landscape, so it is fun to find which path presents you the best scenery for you.

Miibaru Beach has been loved by the locals and has laid-back atmosphere.
As you collect pieces of coral washed ashore, you can enjoy strolling the long-stretched of shoreline or enjoy playing with waves and fish.

When you visit the southern part of Okinawa, please stop by here. 

Miibaru Beach

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Akiko Ono