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Factory Where You Can Sample And Experience Chinsuko

post : 2014.10.24 16:00

Nagahama Seika has been making chinsuko for 35 years. They were one of the first to make chinsuko in flavors and at the moment the long standing store is sell 9 types.

When you enter the store there is a table set up is the selling space where you can sample chinsuko. The 9 flavors are; salt, vanilla, mango, brown cane sugar, chocolate, chocolate chip, sweet potato, coconut and pineapple. When you first try salt it is sweet but once it enters the throat you feel the saltiness. Even though the flavors are different, it has the same sweetness. All of them were made with attention from the company president Masaaki Nagahama.

The sales space and the factory are separated by glass so you can see what they look like when they are being handmade.

Every day 60,000 thousand chinsuko are handmade by the staff of 20. A snack that was only eaten by the aristocracy during the Ryukyu Dynasty period but now it is commonplace.

For the sake of passing on this famous snack that is deeply connected to Okinawa Nagahama focus on hand make the treat so that the people of Okinawa also know how to make chinsuko. In 1998 he moved his factory from Kadena to Onna and since then you could see the manufacturing process.  

Also if want you can work the cookie cutter. (There is a limited number of people, so it is for the best if you inquiry beforehand. Eat, make and get acquainted with the loved Okinawa treat chinsuko.

Nagahama Seika
Address: 3390 Maeda, Onna-son
TEL: 098-964-5904
Operating Hours: 9:00am-6:00pm
Closed Day(s): Sunday

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


3390 Maeda, Onna-son