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Kudaka Island, The Most Sacred Land In Okinawa That Is Connect To The Spirit World Naraikanai

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Kudaka Island is about 15 minutes away from Okinawa Island by ferry. It is a small island that has a circumference of about 8km and a population of about 270 people but according to Ryukyuan folklore this island is where the god Amamikiyo descended and started making Okinawa and is seen as sacred.
The gods of the oceans and Nirakanai, the origin of life force, are said to be connected to the island and the island is very important to the Okinawan people both historically and culturally.

Even now on this island, during the over 30 spiritual festival that are held on the island including lunisolar New Year’s, Hachigatsu Mati, Ryukyu Kaibyaku, Gokoku Hassho. The people of the island give thanks to the wilderness of the earth, air and sea, and pray and make offerings.

Once every 12 year a festival, Izaiho, takes place where a very sacred rite takes place where a women raised on the island is ushered in a new goddess. However, currently there are not enough women to become goddesses and the assistant priestess who knew the arrangements for the festival passed away and the ceremony has not been held since 1978.

The island is very small and  there are bicycles for rent at the dock and you can go around the island in a couple of hours. Except for the small hamlet, most of the land on the island is in its natural state so you can feel the existence of nature, and the power of land based in the history and stories.  

However there are sacred grounds that cannot be entered into without permission and you can’t take anything from the island even a small pebble. It is said that it upsets the gods and for the time you get home bad things will occurs and there are a lot of people who go through the trouble of coming back to return things.

If you visit this island, remain aware that this sacred ground, and respect the island culture, and have a bit of humility as you enjoy walking around the island.

Access to Kudaka Island
15 minutes by high speed ship
20 minutes by ferry

Kudaka Kaiun:  Azama Contact Center 098-948-7785; Kudaka Contact Center 098-948-2873

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