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Fairy Tale Like Natural Yeast Bakery Suien

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In front of the folk house there is a huge banyan tree and in the backyard there is a donkey. This is the natural yeast bakery Suien.

Once you enter the entryway, there are high ceilings and the interior exudes with exoticism.
Once you open the door and go inside the store, the wafting scent of bread, is reminiscent of foreign bakerys that I saw in movies and children books that I loved as a child.

Suien, a bakery cafe that looks like it was taken out of a painting, was opened 3 years ago in Yomitan Village by the Morishitas, a married couple who studied at the bakery Munakata-do in Ginowan.

The chewy bread has a bit of a bite to it and once you get used to the unique sourness of natural yeast you'll get addicted.
Using wheat that became sweet by slowly being ground, is slowly baked in a brick oven that also looks like it came out of a fairy tale.

Without using eggs or butter and focusing on vegetables produced in Okinawa, it is safe for vegetarians as well.

The interior is filled with the warmth of wood and was made in the image of eateries that the wife, Kaoru, saw on her trips to India and Nepal.
On the zinc roof there is a long seat with long legs and in front of the shop there is a stove and the customers are enjoying food while having a pleasant chat. The interior that looks like the entrance to household, took a year to be built by the couple and their friends.

They don't only sell bread, so you can enjoy being is this atomsphere it can be used as a cafe where you can order dishes and lunch plates.

There have been times where they have been crowded and sold out in 2 or 3 hours so I recommend coming at 11am when the bread comes out and you can order a plate.

"Actually we wanted the donkey in the backyard to go around to other bakeries. We still have that plan..."

Kaoru with her unique dream-like smile when she talking probably makes the mysterious warm space feeling both homely and extradimensional.

I want the wonderful dream of here becoming a new scene of Yomitan to become true.

367 Zakimi, Yomitan-son
Open: 10:30am-7:00pm
Close: Monday-Wednesday

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Sandy


367 Zakimi, Yomitan-son