Okinawa Tourism Information:Selling60Baguettesin1dayatthenortherntown"Nago"

Selling 60 Baguettes in 1 day at the northern town "Nago"

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Pain de Kaito, the popular bread shop in Nago City.

Pain de Kaito crossed the sea and came to Nago City 5 years ago.

Kaito in the name comes from character the "cross" and "sea."

With a many shops in Kanto and hectic lifestyle the owner of the shop owner was only able to return home 2 weeks out of the year. The owner wanted to open a bread shop that is the easy going place and came to Nago.

In this tranquil town this stand alone store became popular.

There are serveral types of bread but the baguette is popular.

It seems they sell 60 baguettes in one day.

The town was not used to hard bread using natural yeast like the French bread "baguette."

"I wanted to spread the delicious of hard bread to those who didn't know" said Yuichi Kawamoto, the shop's owner who everyday standing at the head of the shop, engages conversation and letting customers try bread. This "voice" is shown in the bread.

The ingredients are selected carefully but bearing the price in mind at the same time.

The baguette made using natural yeast and baked under low heat for a long time is priced at 180 yen per loaf.

That is because  Kaito is aiming for his bread to become "bread you want everyday".

With is taste of simplicity it does not want to be special bread but the standard of this town.

"I would be happy if one day the children raised on Kaito's bring their new families here. I want the shop to be rooted in the local community and loved.

A study build and a hearty laugh. Around Kawamoto with his cheerful disposition and sunny demeanor, causes everyone around him to smile: the married couples of the towns, comrades running shops and people hustling their wares.

This place connects a lot of people

Even now, it can be said the bread is still in testing.

There is not only hard bread, but breads such as purple sweet potato Danishes and bread made with pineapples.

The shop uses Okinawan fruits, vegetables and spices, particularly from Yanbaru (Northern Okinawa), listens to the customers, tries to make it easier to buy and of course more delicious. That is how Pain de Kaito is becoming a part of this town.

Pain de Kaito

4-2-11 Umusanomori, Nago City
Operating Hours 8:00am~7:00pm
Closed: Sunday




 Okinawa Clip Photowriter:  Masayuki Sesoko


4-2-11 Umusanomori, Nago