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The Premier Pro Wrestling Group of Okinawa, "Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling League"

post : 2014.10.28 16:00

Gurukun Mask, named after the prefectural fish the gurukun (fusilier) leads “Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling”. With lots wrestlers named after elements in Okinawa, like “Shikwasa Kid”, “Onihito Demon” and “Hibiscus Mi”, has made them known and popular even with women and children.   

The charm of Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling is first and foremost the distance from the ring.

Just like being at ringside seats, if you stretch your arm out it seems like you touch them, which is impactful and a secret to the popularity! When they brawl outside the rings, your heart starts racing at the proximity.

And then there is the distance from the fans. They give high fives and shake hands with individual fans.

It is unbearable for pro wrestling fans. Ryukyu Dragon treasures its fans so it lets them get close to the wrestlers is the charm of Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling.

There is also the easiness to see. There is an image of pro wrestling being “scary” or “painful” but in the fight there are “laughs” so that children and people who know nothing about wrestling can have fun too.

Among them a fan told us that “Even when there are manias they use enjoyable techniques and they perform properly.”

There are a lot of fans with kids, the fathers enjoy the wrestling and the children enjoy cheering on heroes in masks. And after the match they give out autographs!

They go from the white hot fights and angry expressions, to after the fights where they are the smiling, gentle heroes of children.

To the make the dream of workers’, students’ and women’s living in Okinawa of becoming professional wrestler come true, Gurukun Mask started Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling. “I want everyone to enjoy pro wrestling as popular entertainment. Behind the appearance I saw a pro wrestling that is filled with nice ideas and dreams.

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Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken