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Creators from Okinawa Gather at "Oniwa Ichiba"

post : 2014.10.31 16:00

Seventy groups of creators of things like sweets, crafts and cafes have gotten together for an event; it takes place twice a year on a small hill.

The name of the event is “Oka no Chapel no Oniwa Ichiba for 3.11 children”.

The sponsors Fumiaki Harimoto and Mika called out to creators they knew to start Oniwa Ichiba in 2007. It was started with the purpose of showing handmade goods, leaving something for the next generation and letting people feel the warmth of natural materials.

The people who set up shops are various: cafes, bakeries, craft makers using wood, glass and pottery and general goods. In one shot you can directly meet creators and go to shops that are popular in Okinawa.

The venue is in the campus garden of the Okinawa Christian Institute. There is a big banyan tree, a lawn and a good small hill where children are having a great deal of fun.

Then in May of 2011 Oniwa Ichiba got a new theme of “for 3.11 children.” From which all the proceeds (the booth fees from the shops) went to help the children to who lost their parents in the Tohoku Earthquake and local children trying hard to live.

It is held every year on Golden Week and the holiday at the end of November, the one been held this week will be the 10th Oniwa Ichiba. You can meet creators in Okinawa and give shape to thought of the disaster stricken area. How about going out to this heartwarming event?

Date: 23 November 2014 (Holiday) 11:00am-4:00pm
Place: Campus Garden of Okinawa Christian Institute (777 Onaga, Nishihara-cho)
 Parking Available (Parking Fee: \300 per car, used as donation)

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777 Onaga, Nishihara-cho