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Okinawa's Oldest Shisa

post : 2014.11.02 16:00

The amount of people who think Okinawa is shisa (mythological lion-dog) and shisa is Okinawa is probably not small.

They are lined in souvenir shops, they are on roofs and above gates.  
From grim faced shisa

to cute ones!

They are very different based on the people who make them.

Upon until now you may have thought you have seen a lot of shisa, but I am going to introduce the oldest shisa in Okinawa.

This shisa is called the Tomori no Ishibori Ufujishi, it is 141.2 cm tall and its total length is 175.8cm, it is different from other shisa because it is carved from stone. Because there were a lot of fires in Tomori Village in 1689 and taking feng shui into account they made a shisa that faced the local mountain of Yaesedake.
It is said that the fires mysteriously settled down. The shisa that was made at that time was Tomori no Ishibori Ufujishi. A theory states that from then the shisa was believed to exorcise and ward off evil in Okinawa.

There are many people who believe that shisa invite good luck and protect homes from evil. Even today they are watching over people all over Okinawa.

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken