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Cafe Kurage Wavering on the Northern Coast

post : 2014.11.02 16:00

Deep in the northern part of Okinawa before the small hamlet of Sosu there is a lone standing cafe called Cafe Kurage.
The cafe Yamagame in Takae, Higashi is the second branch. The lodge, Asahiya, that was operated by the owner was damaged in a typhoon so while they were repairing the lodge, they built a cafe next door.

Everything from the foundation was made by hand with cooperation of the staff and friends. In the area designed by the owner, the flooring was put in, the walls were made from Ryukyu plaster and painted freely giving the space a gentle atmosphere that is full of light.

The beautiful ocean opens up before you. The dishes on the menu are handmade and use ingredients from Okinawa as much possible. They have dishes that are good for the body like taco rice made with local wild grasses, pork and organic brown rice and yogurt lassi made from soy milk mixed with enzymes from wild grasses.     

At the moment the repairs to Asahiya have yet to be completed. And within the building there is also an incomplete room. Madoka Takeshita on the staff told me “It is still is under construction, but it will be even more enjoyable.”
I am looking forward to what Kurage that wavers under the vast northern sky will become.

Cafe Kurage
150-1 Sosu, Kunigami-son
Operating Hours: 11:00am-6:00pm
Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday
TEL: 0980-50-4040

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


150-1 Sosu, Kunigami-son