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The Red Tile Roof Cafe Produced by The Boom’s Kazufumi Miyazawa

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Right after entering an alleyway in Okinawa City, there is a cafe with a red tile roof. This is Miyanchi. It is a cafe produced by Kazufumi Miyazawa of The Boom.

Miyazawa, who had strong feeling, being good at cooking he thought of the menu, and opened it as a place “where people can get together and socialize” in 2012.

It has a very Okinawa appearance, the lawn spread before you and beyond that you can see the sea. A lot of sun beams through the large window creating a bright shop.  

The arrangement of karasoba, which is eaten Yaeyama area, was planned by Miyazawa. It does not use broth, but sardine powder that is used in Okinawa soba to give a seafood flavor and seasonal vegetables like okura, kidney beans and wing beans as toppings.
Pottery, and other goods selected by Miyazawa are also for sale. It is a shop filled with love for Okinawa.

Between December 6th and December 9th a Christmas event is being held. The title is “romi-unie X’mas Party!!!”. There will a class to make cute decorative cupcakes by the cooking expert Shiromi Igara, a coffee appreciation workshop by Takashi Horiuchi,  the owner of café vivement dimonchem in Kamakura, and a Christmas party with a special dinner using a romi-unie jam.

Event Details Here
How about getting a feel for Christmas a little bit earlier?

1-29-22 Yogi, Okinawa-shi
Operating House: 11:00am-5:00pm
Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


1-29-22 Yogi, Okinawa-shi