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Popular Chili Oil Is The Ingredient! The Naha Sister Shop of Penguin Shokudo

post : 2014.11.04 16:00

*The shop on this article has already closed.

Right next to Sakaemachi Market in Naha City, there is a small shop with red walls. This is the sister store of the popular restaurant in Ishigaki “Penguin Shokudo.” The name is Kopenguin Shokudo.

The main focus of the restaurant is noodle dishes taken from Penguin Shokudo and those arrange by the shop manager Mitsue Miyagi.

This jajan soba is popular. While the noodles are hot, specially made spicy miso and vegetables are mixed in.

If you use Ishigaki Island chili oil, super spicy Ishigaki Island chili oil or the garlic oil, all of which are popular souvenirs, it will change the flavor and make it more delicious.

There are plenty of addictive dishes like the suchiki (salt pickled pork ribs) soba and Tom yum goong soba. And only those who had meals can buy Ishigaki Island chili oil to take home.
You can take the noodle dishes of Penguin Shokudo without going all the way to Ishigaki Island. So how about dropping by when you go to Sakaemachi Market?

Kopenguin Shokudo
388-150 Asato, Naha
TEL: 098-887-4645
Operating Hours: 11:00am-5:00pm
Closed: Thursday,Irregular closing  

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Masayuki Sesoko


388-150 Asato, Naha