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A Day Started With A Morning Cafe

post : 2014.11.04 16:00

In Tsuboya, Naha in Okinawa the cute and comfortable Cafe Soi opens from 9:00am.

A shimaicha (people who moved to Okinawa) couple run Soi. Before they relocated to Okinawa, they visited and wanted to sightsee in the morning but finding a place that served breakfast was difficult. So that is why they open in the morning.  

The dishes you can from the morning is three types of “Morning Pho”, and “Nikuman” (meat filled buns).

Morning pho bathing in the morning sun. It has a savory soup with smooth pho noodles and plenty of vegetables. Ot is luxurious while still having a gentle flavor.   
Nikuman, which is can easily be eaten, can also be bought for take out.

The morning dishes comes pesticide-free shikwasa or fish sauce, so you can have a different taste that is close to the authentic flavor.

Soi’s lunch dishes are also popular. I recommend the curry that is made with Okinawan herbs and pesticide free spices!

The gentle curry is made without using without using dairy or flour. You can add spices to adjust the spiciness of the curry. Soi’s curry uses plenty of seasonal vegetables. On the day I went it had bitter melon and sponge cucumber. The fried Okinawa soba noodles with their crunchy texture are a spectacular match with the curry.

Soi also paid attention to their dishware, and they use dishes from potters that are active in Okinawa. The dishes that were used this time were from the sculptor Naori (Naomichi, Shori Sato), who has been introduced previously on Okinawa Clip.  The warmth of the hand formed pottery with there soft color flows in to the Soi’s atmosphere.

The drinks and sweets at Soi are also good.

They have homemade ice crea, and baked goods that don’t use any animal products. Thanks to that it has a gentle flavor, where you can really enjoy the taste of the ingredients.

In the natural, comfortable space, time feels as if it is passing slowly. There is a place to change diapers and cute picture book, so even those with children and have an enjoyable time at a cafe.

If you want to take it slow before going sightseeing, why not stop by Soi?

Address 1F, 1-7-18 Tsuboya, Naha-shi, Okinawa
Operating Hours:
Closed: Sunday, Monday, Holidays
No Parking
Twitter: @soi_naha

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Reina Chinen (0173)


1F, 1-7-18 Tsuboya, Naha-shi, Okinawa