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Run Through Rural Scenery and Famous Places! Naha Marathon

post : 2014.11.05 16:00

This marathon, which is a large event, was started in 1985 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Naha and Honolulu, Hawaii becoming sister cities.

 31,000 people participate! In a few years it so popular that usually within the first couple of days from the start of the applying period it reaches capacity. 70% are from within Okinawa, so there is no shortage of people for other parts of Japan or overseas.

The course is certified as 42.195km by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations.
It starts at Onoyama Athletic Park and goes around Haebaru, Yaese, Itoman and Tomogusuku in the southern part of Okinawa Island.
You go through sightseeing spots like the Peace Memorial Park, you go past can sugarcane fields and folk houses in the rural parts of Okinawa which is an attraction of this marathon.

There more fun to this event than just participating. On the side of the road young men do eisa (traditional Okinawan dance and there are elderly ladies and gentlemen who give out things brown sugar, umeboshi, ice cream, bananas, sata andagi in addition to water. There is a lot of food on the course.

Also if you finish the course within 6 hours and 15 minutes, you can get a very beautiful medal made for Ryukyu glass.

 You can dress up and participate, so you see children as popular characters and women. So you can run at your own paces, while enjoying a distinct, relaxing, warm event of Okinawa.   

The spectacular guest stars is also something to look out for.
 This time it is MAX who debuted in 1995 and are from Okinawa. Mina and Lina both participating as runners.

The weather seems like it going to be fine tomorrow . The temperature will be cool making it a perfect day for a marathon. So those who are running don’t drink too much awamori and take care of yourselves. Those going to watch tomorrow cheer on that people that are running on the best you can.

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