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Awamori Cocktails with A Night View

post : 2014.11.10 16:00

 In Urasoe in central Okinawa there is hills bar ti. Located on a tall hill, from the large window in the shop you can get 180°panoramic view where you look over the jewel like night scenery.

 One of the charms of hills bar ti is there is a big line-up of alcohol, so the bartender can make your favorite cocktail.
My special recommendations are the cocktails that use local Okinawan liquor. In the Okinawa there many types of the traditional liquor awamori, and if you tell the bartender what taste you like, he will choose an awamori to match to make a fashionable cocktail.

 This cocktail is made using rum from sugarcane from Iejima. It is a luxurious rum made from sugarcane juice from Iejima. Rum has a image of being peculiar but this cocktail is not peculiar at all, even women can drink it easily. Afterwards you can enjoy the faint scent of rum and the sweet smell of sugarcane.

There are other cocktails that uses the sweetness of fruits, like the tropical fruitiness of pineapple and the refreshing nature of the shikwasa, making them easy to drink.   

 The food line-up is also bountiful as well as with various champloo (stir fry) dishes and “Sukugarasu”, which are salt pickled slices of young mottled spinefoot. So you can enjoy Okinawan cuisine too.

 Look at the night scenery shining like jewels
 or talk to the bartender at the counter. This night seems that it will make fine memories for a trip.

hills bar ti
3F Ecomax 21 Bldg, 1-46-5 Takushi, Urasoe-shi
Lunch: 11:00am-3:00pm (Last Order 2:30pm)
Dinner: Monday, Thursday 7:00pm-4:00am (Last Order 2:30am)
Friday, Saturday, Holidays 7:00pm-5:00am
Sunday 7:00pm-2:00am (Last Order 12:30am)
Closings: Irregular (Closed December 31st, January 1st)
Parking Available

Okinawa Clip Photowriter Reina Chinen (0173)


3F Ecomax 21 Bldg, 1-46-5 Takushi, Urasoe-shi