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You Buy Yachimun on the Cheap!? Yomitan Pottery Fair

post : 2014.11.12 16:00

Once a year, the Yachimun village in Yomitan, which was previously introduced on Okinawa CLIP, holds the Yomitan Pottery Fair, where you can see plenty of pottery. This year it was the three days from the 20th until the 22nd. Yachimun is earthenware such as pottery and plates in Okinawa.

This year is the 33rd pottery fair. And you can get the works 4 artists from Ogama in the yachimun village and 4 artists from Kitagama and their apprentices for a more modest price than usual.  

High class earthenware is 20 percent off, or three pieces for 1,000 yen and a toothpick holder for only 100 yen.

After the war the culture of yachimun was on the wane and to take it back, this event was held so that people could get a feel for earthenware goods that were made from the earth of crops. Now it is completely established and every year people from both within and outside the prefecture come together. 



Even though it is all considered yamichin based on the creator the use of color and design is completely different, and if you pick it up and look at it a bit more, you can help but feel the depth. Also to be able to meet the artist who made the piece is also a good point of the pottery fair.

 I fell in love and bought this piece from Masamori Yonahara


You can buy earthenware like mugs, vases, bowls and shisa that you can color your everyday life, so come to the Yachimun Village this weekend and find a piece you like.

Yomitan Pottery Fair

Date: Friday, 20 December-Sunday, 22 December

Time: 9:00am-7:00pm

Place: Yachimun Village (2653 Zakimi, Yomitan-son)


Okinawa Clip Photowriter Sandy


2653 Zakimi, Yomitan-son