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Accessories that Show the Light and Nature of Ishigaki

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Tilla Earth is a jewelry brand started by Shizuo Taira from Ishigaki Island and his jewelry designer wife Kahori in 2004.

The two of them worked in a jewel wholesaler and judged jewels. With experience as a gemcutter, they select jewels with a fine eye and design with the nature of Ishigaki Island as a theme. There are items made in the shape of things like geckos and star sand and stones that are vibrantly color like the sea, flowers and coral, all of which are original and made in Ishigaki.

After losing his father in an accident when he was young, his mother raised 4 children by herself. Wanting to show his mother how fine he had become Shizuo, who was working in Tokyo, came back home and open his Ishigaki Main Store in 2005. 

In August 2012 he opened his 2nd store in Shuri and he opened the Isetan Shinjuku Store in 2013 and has been gaining more fans of Tilla Earth.

 Kahori, who is from Kagawa Prefecture, after moving to Ishigaki with the opening of the first shop and the moving where the jewelry was being produced, she has made 6 collections: Colors, Coral, Tiida, Minsa, Yaima and Twinkle.

Among them the one with the most repeat customers is Colors, each piece is one of a kind. The most beautiful color stones they have at the time are paired with 18 karat gold that was hand braided by an artisan.

Due to the fact it is hand braided, it is flexible to the movements of the person. The links of the necklace have jewels from the sea such as pearls and coral and the chain end that is hidden in the back there is a single stone in the back. It is made with attention to the finest detail. 

 All of them are made with the thought of being able to receive power from the vibrant colors of Ishigaki Island and wearing Tilla Earth jewelry to help cheer you up. Kahori said “I don’t want it to be jewelry that you keep in a box but jewelry you wear normally.” It is made from natural stones and gold, so even if you use it for long time the color won’t fade. They want you to use it for life so if the chain breaks or if an earring is lost they offer after sales service.

Tilla Earth is completely different from accessories you can easily buy at a beach resort as a souvenir, it is real jewelry. Whether as a reminder of your trip to Okinawa or a gift for yourself, getting your hands on this “lifelong items will suffice. 

 From Sunday, December 22nd, if you purchase more than 10,000 yen of items at Tilla Earth Shuri, you can draw a 3,000 coupon as a Christmas present. The coupon can be used at the Shuri Store, Ishigaki Main Store and the online shop. For those who don’t draw, you get a garcinia seed or an original sticker as a present!

(Prizes are while supplies last)

The Shuri Store is 200 paces (according to the store manager Yoshimura) from Shuri Castle’s Shureimon, so you are sightseeing at Shuri Castle it is a good place to stretch your legs.


Tilla Earth Shuri

1-60 Shuri Mawashicho, Naha-shi, Okinawa

TEL: 098-887-5800

FAX: 098-887-5801

Operating Hours: 11:00am-7:00am

Closed: Every Wednesday

Parking Available


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1-60 Shuri Mawashicho, Naha-shi, Okinawa