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Not Just For Convenience, The Way to Enjoy the Yui Rail

post : 2014.11.15 16:00

On August 10 2003, the Yui Rail started running between Naha Airport Station and Shuri Station. In the 10 years that have passed since it has become a vital mode of transportation for students, workers and tourists.

 However the Yui Rail isn’t just convenient, it is a way to see, hear and feel the culture and charms of Okinawa!

I am going to tell you how I enjoy the Yui Rail.
On my days off, without making a plan, I buy a one day pass. With the one day pass, you can get on and off the Yui Rail which is a steal at 700.

Also, without getting off at any station, I ride from Naha Airport Station to Shuri Station. During this ride, I make a point not to sit down. The reason I stand up is because the Yui Rail being in a high place always you to get a sweeping view and gives of you a view of streets, even ones you are used to, that you couldn’t normally get in cars which is fun.

There are a lot of typhoons on Okinawa. To match the climate, you can see houses made of strong reinforced concrete, you can see the old fashioned Okinawan red roofs, and modern offices, and you feel the real life, culture and history of Okinawa which cannot be conveyed in TV shows and guidebooks.

 Other than the views there are plenty of points you can feel Okinawa. Did you know that when you arrive at stations, the music that is playing over the loudspeakers is folk songs and they are different from station to station? Those folk songs can be part of the fun. Also some stations have image colors or when you go outside the ticket gate there are tile with the flora and fauna of Okinawa. If you use your eyes there is a lot of hidden Okinawa.

Also, the stained glass windows at Naha Airport are marvelous. When light enters from the outside making the stained glass shine, many tourists stop in their tracks to look at it.

After enjoying going through once, get off near a station of a place that you saw from the window that tickled your fancy and take a walk. There are a lot of attractive spots near the stations. Do you get super excited walking around places you don’t know anything about? There are hundreds of ways to have fun such as finding good restaurants or beautiful parks, and if you do at all the station, one day wouldn’t be enough. So maybe a two day pass (lol).     

This one day (two day pass) doesn’t just let you get on and off at stations as you please. On homepage for Okinawa Metropolitan Monorail (Yui Rail) homepage there is a list of 39 shops near stations that if you show the ticket you can get special discounts. The most surprising one is the restaurant that offers half off all food all the time!

Yui Rail is not only convenient, but there is a lot of fun and bargains. Tell us about your Yui Rail experiences and the spots you recommend around stations!
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Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken