Okinawa Tourism Information:RestaurantCafewhereyoucanexperienceArtandYachimun.(WithSpecialOffer)

Restaurant Cafe where you can experience Art and Yachimun. (With Special Offer)

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In Itoman City, Okinawa there is a Art Cafe/Pottery Shop called "Doumu."
Okinawan pottery (Yachimun) and about 50 pieces are displayed for sale. Yachimun is only for display but also for cooking, so you experience the good points of Yachimun.

The yachimun in the store was searched for and purchased by the shop owner, Fumiko. The interesting pieces are mostly by young artisian from witih Okinawa and make you want them.

The interior of the store is made of wood. In this natural space, you feel extremely calm.
With it's natural interior, the coffee and tea within the pottery takes on a life of it's own and lets you forget about time.

We were told "From a vessel going out into the world, you learn what it's gone through. In everyday life just by changing a dish, food can become more delicious, conserversation can become more lively, and that can cause a smile. 
It started from a small 13m^2 (42ft^2) pottery shop.  Now, the son and the couple run the cafe, which has become so popular that it is featured in magazines and newspapers.

Now Okinawa CLIP special information.
30 people can receive the the Doumu Special Snack Assortment as a gift!
It is first come, first served!
If you go to Doumu say "I saw Okinawa CLIP"

Art Cafe/Pottery Shop Doumu Facebook Page

Art Cafe/Pottery Shop Doumu Homepage

Art Cafe/Pottery Shop Doumu

3-16 Nishizaki-cho, Itoman City


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3-16 Nishizakicho, Itoman City