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The 38th Okinawa Industrial Festival & The 17th Arinkurin Fair

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This year marks the 38th year that the “Okinawa Industrial Festival” has taken place.
The event this year will be a big one, with totally 533 stalls from firms, organizations, and individuals from Okinawa!

The great charm about the Okinawa Industrial Festival, where you can find a variety of specialty products of Okinawa, is that you can enjoy every kind of industrial products and food, all in one place!

You can buy handicrafts like yachimun (Okinawan pottery) and Ryukyu Glass, cosmetics, and even Okinawan tombstones! (lol)
Especially there are many stalls for food and drink.  As you walk around, it is hard to avoid the delicious smell coming from everywhere.  Also there are many stalls by beer breweries or distilleries, so I would recommend you go to the venue by Okinawa monorail.  Why don’t you use this opportunity to enjoy drinks?

You can have goat soup, too! (lol)

Look at this Okinawan entertainer in a goat costume, who always joins the festival like this!   He is “Isao Nagoshibu” san.  How lucky I found him!

It is in late October, but in Okinawa it is still hot in a daytime so that we sweat easily.
Cold drinks, like shiikuwaasa (Okinawan lime), taste more delicious than usual.
I wish I could have drunk beer (lol), but I had to be patient because I was on duty.

In addition to the Okinawa Industrial Festival, the 17th Arinkurin Fair is being held at a venue in the same Onoyama Park!  This is the fair organized by the Chamber of Commerce for specialty products from the local municipalities.
From 34 local municipalities, including the remote islands, “123” brand items are sold.
At the “Specialty Products Fair Contests,” 10 products were awarded prizes such as the Prefectural Governor’s Award.

Of course, you can buy the awarded products at the Arinkurin Fair.♪
There are a variety of attractive specialty products waiting for you.
For both of the fairs, you can talk exhibitors face to face at the booths about their products and enjoy shopping.  That is great fun!

Every exhibitor explains about their products and teaches you about Okinawa in such a friendly way, that you can have fun shopping!
And on top of that, there are many other events such as kids' playground, uchinamun (Okinawan products) charity auction, uchina shibai (Okinawan Play), live performances, etc.  

You can fully enjoy plenty of Okinawan charms about Okinawa all day long here!
The event will be held until today, Sunday, October 26th.
Please come and have fun!

The 38th Okinawa Industrial Festival
Friday, October 24, 2014, Saturday, October 25, Sunday, October 26
AM10:00 to PM8:00
Onoyama Park, The martial arts Okinawa Prefecture Budokan

The 17th Arinkurin Fair (Specialty Product Fair by Chamber of Commerce)
Friday, October 24, 2014, Saturday, October 25, Sunday, October 26
AM10:00 to PM8:00
Onoyama Park (The 38th Okinawa Industrial Festival, The 2nd Stage)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer  0173 (Reina Chinen)