Okinawa Tourism Information:DeadHeatBetweenWestandEastOverOneoftheBiggestRopesintheWorld!Reporton“The44thNahaGreatTugofWarFestival”

Dead Heat Between West and East Over One of the Biggest Ropes in the World! Report on “The 44th Naha Great Tug of War Festival”

post : 2014.10.27 18:00

On Sunday, October 19th, “The 44th “Naha Great Tug of War Festival” was held and ended on a high note!
Again this year about 273,000 people (according to the organizer) gathered and about 17,000 people pulled the giant rope.
The festival was scheduled on Sunday, October 12, but it was postponed due to Typhoon Vongfong.  
Fans had been looking forward to the event for one more week.
I would like to introduce to you how the festival was held this year!
The annual event before the tug of war started with “Hatagashira Gaaee”and “Karate Gaaee”

Then, “Kanuchichiji.”  This year, they had difficulty joining the male rope and the female rope properly.  But the executive committee never gave up, and after 30 minutes or so, finally a giant pole called “kanuchi-bo” passed through the ropes to join the ropes of the east side and the west side!

After “Chindami (Fixing),” “Shitaku Gaaee,” “Touzai Tsunakata Gaaee,” etc. were performed.  Then, the tug of war kicked off at last!

Please enjoy watching a part of the stirring climatic fight by men and women of all ages in and outside of Okinawa and from abroad!

After the dead heat of the east versus the west for 30 minutes, the result was a draw!

The overall standing of the east against the west is that the east won 13 times, the west 13 times, and they ended in a draw 15 times.  Both teams can compare favorably with each other.  It becomes more interesting to see which team will win the next year and even after that.

No registration is needed for “Naha Great Tug of War.”  It is a participation type event where everybody can pull the ropes.  You will enjoy a tense feeling before the tug of war, a sense of unity while pulling together, and a feeling of fulfillment after the battle.
Content-rich attractions are carried out for about two hours.  All I can say is it is FUN!

Why don’t you join us pulling the giant rope and sweating together under the autumnal sky in Okinawa next year?
We are looking forward to your participation!

The 44th Naha Great Tug of War Festival

Dates: Sunday, October 19, 2014
Venues: Kokusai-dori Street, Kumoji Intersection on Route 58, Admission: Free
Host: The Naha Great Tug of War Executive Committee, and some others.

TEL: 098-862-3276 (Tourism Division, Economic and Tourism Department, Naha City)

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Kiwamu Ogawa (Qey Word)