Okinawa Tourism Information:TheFantasticalMomentofAkokuro

The Fantastical Moment of Akokuro

post : 2014.11.18 16:00

At dusk people get together at the people to look at the sunset.
It is a special time that is different for everyone.

There are people coming home from work, couples on dates, people walking their dogs, people on runs and people lost in their own thoughts.

All of them are waiting for the sun to set into the sea.

The sky and the sea are painted red.
In the blink of eye during this special time, it falls behind the horizon.
Soon after, the blue light of the sky changes into its dark form.  

Akokuro. It not used often but it what dusk is called in the island language. The fantastical time when the evening shifts to night attracts a lot of people.
Okinawa Clip Photowriter Taiki Gushiken