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Cinema Odori Nido Tekiuchi

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 The traditional Okinawan art of kumi odori has been made into a movie. The director is Naoya Oshiro, who has been making movies and commercials in Okinawa. In his latest work “Cinema Kumi Odori Nido Tekiuchi” one of the plays in “Chokun no Goban” by the founder of kumi odori Chokun Tamasgusuku is performed.

 (Photo provided by: Urasoe City Tourism Association)

 Kumi Odori was performed for Chinese envoys about 300 years ago during the Ryukyu Kingdom period. It is a classical performing art that is native to Okinawa. It is like kabuki in that if you know it beforehand you can know the rules to enjoy it further.

 So, people from other places in Japan, people from abroad and young people don’t get it, and think it is difficult to understand and hard to get into.

To get rid of that image, the film introduces kumi odori in a simple fashion that even beginners can understand and teaches the history and rules, and becomes an entryway to enjoying kumi odori.

 (Photo provided by: Urasoe City Tourism Association)

The movie is made up of three parts, the first part “Explanation of Kumi Odori”, the feature “Kumi Odori”, the last part “Invitation to Kumi Odori”. It is made so it is that those easily explained so that those who have never seen or don’t know kumi odori know what to appreciate and watch it with interest.

  (Photo provided by: Urasoe City Tourism Association)

The lines using the Okinawa dialect are subtitled so anyone can enjoy it without worries. Of course it not only for beginners, there is enough so the fans of Kumi Odori can enjoy it as well. “If you where to ask which, we focused more on the recording of the sound over the video.” The point to pay attention to in the film by Naoya Oshiro is the sound and the expression in film. The sound is faithful to the sound you can only get a live performances.

 (Photo provided by: Urasoe City Tourism Association)

 When you look at the movie you can hear the rubbing of the silk, the moving of the feet, the chorus and the synchronization of the performer breathing. It is like kumi odori is taking place right in front of you.
All the performers and the chorus have microphones attached to them, so it feels live and that live feeling is used in an important way. If you miss one sound, you won’t hear it again.

The movements of kumi odori are suppressed so that you can hear the singing accompanied by the sanshin. So the thoughts are skillfully shown in facial expression. The chorus and singing with sanshin are so important that you could say that you are going to listen.

 (Photo provided by: Urasoe City Tourism Association)

 Of course watching is also important as well. Dance is both visual and aural, and you get view that you cannot get from the seat and which fan of kumi odori cannot help but to be refreshing.  You can see the fine expression and movement through the suppression up close.
“In the climax, when Amawari is drunk and unarmed then he turns around. The younger brother, Kamichiyo, thinks of cutting him down but Kamichiyo’s older brother Tsurumatsu is there to stop him.  You can the posturing and the fine expressions.”

While listening to the producer Komiyama explanation he told us his recommended scene.
The movements are fine and moments but you can see the change of expression in Kamichiyo when he sees the unarmed foe Awamari dancing around and expression and movement and the timing of cold headed older brother stopping him.
In the scene you can see the fraternal bond of the cold headed strong older brother Tsurumatsu and Kamichiyo who is mourning his older brother.

No matter how many time you see it you will find a hidden meaning, aesthetic or something you did not see before. By watching it only once you can’t talk about goodness in detail.

 “Cinema Kumi Odori Nido Tekiuchi” is the first movie to feature the traditional Okinawan performing art of kumi odori.”
From February 1, it will be shown at Urasoe City Tedako Hall.
“I want people who have never seen kumi odori and young people to be able to enjoy it as entertainment.”

The movie is filled the thoughts of that director and the people involved the production who want a lot of people to see kumi odori.


 Cinema Odori Nido Tekiuchi

 Showing Dates
Tuesday, February 11 (Holiday)
Sunday, February 16
Saturday, February 22
Sunday, February 23

 Showing Times
(1)    2:00pm (Seating from 1:30pm)
(2)    5:30pm (Seating from 5:00pm)
(About 75 minutes; 2 Showings per Day)

Venue: Urasoe City Tedako Hall (1-9-3 Nakama, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa)
11th and 16th Citizen Exchange Room
22nd and 23rd Small Hall

 Viewing Cost Free

Please make a reservation before coming
*If there are free seats on that day you can enter but please understand that there are a limited number of seats so it is recommended to make a reservation.  
*Reservations are taken until 5pm on the day before your viewing of choose.   
Please understand depending on the situation you may not be able to make a reservation for your viewing of choice.

Sponsor: Urasoe City
Reservations: Inquire to Cinema Kumi Odori Screening Office
TEL: 098-862-8285
Reception Hours: Mon-Sat (Excluding Holidays), 10:00am-6:00pm
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