Okinawa Tourism Information:“UsingMainlyLocalSeasonalOrganicVegetables,VeganFoodRestaurantMakesYouFullyFeeltheJoyofFood.”

“Using Mainly Local Seasonal Organic Vegetables, Vegan Food Restaurant Makes You Fully Feel the Joy of Food.”

post : 2014.10.31 22:00

*The shop on this article has closed. 

“I believe how you eat shows how you live,”

Said Tamie san, the owner of a vegan food restaurant “Tamie’s Kithen,”which was opened at the foot of the Ferris wheel of Carnival Park Mihama Chatan Town.

Vegan is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. 

Just hearing that, you might imagine something that tastes really bland.  However, the food produced by Tamie san, who has been giving lectures and publishing recipe books on vegan foods as a macrobiotic instructor in Tokyo, is flavorful so that you can hardly believe it is made only from vegetables as well as it is very colorful.  Even those who usually eat meat can be satisfied with such high quality food.

Veggie Burger is so juicy and full of umami (savory flavor) that it is hard to believe no meat is used in it.  But it is very healthy and you do not feel heavy after eating it as it is made from a konnyaku (konjac jel) and tofu base.

Veggie Fish in “Fish and Chips” are made using a potato base, so is the same as real fish in texture.  Instead of skin of fish, she uses seaweed.

Chocolate Banana Tart using shima banana (island banana) is made from cream mixed with tofu.  But you do not feel so heavy though usually eating sweets can cause you to feel heavy.

Vegan Soft Cream is made from soy milk, canola oil, brown sugar syrup, so it is a very healthy dessert.  You can really taste sweetness as if it were made from real milk.

Today’s Plate, which you can enjoy for lunch time and dinner time, includes brown rice, 7 kinds of food using mainly local seasonal organic vegetables, and soup.  She never uses white sugar.  Instead, she uses brown sugar which is hardened by coral powder in the Okinawan traditional way, not by lime in a usual way.

“Even though they are the same brown sugar, the one with coral powder gives a mild action and your body don’t get cold much.”

You can see how carefully Tamie san chooses each ingredient as she puts great importance on “choose a good ingredient and intake it into our body.”

“I think eating is getting DNA, that is to say, information from an ingredient.  And, it will become a part of your body and affect physically and mentally.  Consciously choosing what to eat, you can understand how it affects your body.  Then, you will become conscious of what to wear as well or will be aware of environmental issues.”

However, vegan food is not a special diet.  You can start it easily.  If you ate something heavy yesterday, you can try vegan food today.  Just like that!

Please take “pure blessing of the soil” into your body and feel good with the joy and pleasantness of food in mind and body.

Tamie`s Kitchen

214 Carnival Park Mihama 15-69, Mihama, Chatan Town, Nakagami Coundy
TEL: 098-989-9316

Okinawa CLIP Photo Writer Sandy